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Venetian Island homeowners wrangle to keep traffic flowing during bridge construction

How will we get off our islands when construction causes the closure of the westernmost span of Venetian Way, between Biscayne Island and mainland Miami?

Some members of the Venetian Islands Homeowner Association are actively lobbying the keep the easternmost drawbridge locked down during that time, which will begin some time in the fall.

The Miami Herald’s Cristina Veiga has a detailed look at issues.


Venetian could get thorough makeover, FDOT says

Florida Department of Transportation officials held their advertising first meeting on the future of the Venetian Causeway on Wednesday night.

Among the requests — changing the name of the residential link between mainland Miami and Miami Beach from “causeway” to Venetian Way.

Here’s the coverage from the Herald.


Miami-Dade Transit reopens Venetian Causeway bus link to and from mainland Miami

New Venetian A bus route, shared Sunday

New Venetian A bus route, shared Sunday

The folks with Miami-Dade Transit have resumed limited bus service between the mainland Miami at the Omni terminal and the Venetian Causeway, using lighter buses.

The new schedule, posted on the Miami-Dade Transit website Sunday, starts at 7 a.m. and runs every 35 minutes along Venetian Way and ends at the Publix in Sunset Harbour at 20th Street and Bay Road.

The last morning bus will leave Publix at 9:30 a.m.

Service resumes at 2 p.m. from Omni, again, running every 35 minutes. The last bus in the evening leaves Publix at 6:52 p.m. That means there is no public transportation from Belle Isle east after 6:40 p.m. or west after 6:52 p.m., points our Barbara Cowen, the Belle Isle resident who has led the charge to get service restored.

Traveling to any part of South Beach requires connecting with the South Beach Local either at the Publix or at the stop at Purdy and Dade Boulevard.

This is a seven-day morning and afternoon schedule:

OMNI TERM               BAY RD 20ST

      7:00                                  7:12              

      7:35                                 7:47              

      8:10                                  8:22            

      8:45                                  8:57              

      9:20                                  9:32               


      2:00                                  2:12             

      2:35                                  2:47             

      3:10                                  3:22             

      3:45                                  3:57              

      4:20                                  4:32              


      4:55                                  5:07              

      5:30                                  5:42             

      6:05                                  6:17               

      6:40                                  6:52             


Belle Isle boil water advisory still in place, could end today

Venetian Way still must be repaired at site of water main break.

Venetian Way still must be repaired at site of water main break.

There is still a boil water advisory in effect for some 2000 Belle Isle households Thursday morning, resulting from the water main break that happened Monday around noon.

And Venetian Way still has a gaping hole in front of The Standard, where workers excavated to get to the pipes and make the fix.

The boil water advisory will be lifted once water bacteria tests are clear; that typically takes at least 48 hours after water service is restored. Service was restored at about 9:45 p.m. Monday.

Belle Isle Blog will update as soon as we get the word.


Venetian Causeway homeowners prepare for Streetscape in Rivo Alto, DiLido, San Marino

New sidewalks and landscaping grace Rivo Alto

We can all be thankful that the construction and beautification of the Venetian Causeway is all but done, and the road is smooth and pretty much looks beautiful.

We still don’t understand why own new “historic” streetlights are in the middle of the new wide sidewalks (defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?), but we’ll learn to live with it.

And so now the Venetian Isles of Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino prepare for the sidewalk, lighting, landscaping and paving improvements on their local streets.

Island residents will get a briefing on how that construction will roll out and cover a range of other topics at the Dec. 13 meeting of the Venetian Island Homeowner Association.

The meeting happens at 6:30 at 250 East San Marino Dr., on San Marino Island.

Among the topics on a long agenda in addition to the Streetscape update: A report from the Miami Beach police department on island burglaries and efforts to blunt them; the possibility of a hotel development on 17th Street and Alton Road; a report on the Genting Project on the Miami Herald property, and plans to changing how tolls are handled on the Venetian Causeway and other causeway issues.