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DecoBikes says service is improving; outages limited to six stations

DecoBikes says it has limited the service outages to just six stations on the 100-plus station bicycle sharing network on Miami Beach.

Since early this week, wireless connection from have made it difficult for DecoBikes customers to check out and return bicycles. Twice this week, DecoBikes recommended that customers who depend on the service for transportation temporarily find other ways to get around.

But the news is better on Friday evening. In an email, DecoBikes reports:

“At this time service has been restored to most stations except for the following few:

124 – Lennox & 6th St.
149 – Meridian & 17th St.
208 – 35th St. & Collins
306 – 69th St. & Collins
317 – Hawthorne Ave & Crespi
401 – 93rd St. & Collins

If you do encounter a station that says “Reporting to Bike Server” or “No Service” please send us an email with the station number (at the top of each station on the sides) and the approximate date and time that you saw the message. The best email to report an issue with the system is: info@decobike.com  This is also the best email to report a billing issue to if you incurred one.”


DecoBikes tells customers to seek other modes of transportation for next two days

If you are a regular DecoBikes user, you probably know that the bike kiosks have been malfunctioning for the last few days.

The problem is that the wireless connection between the kiosks and DecoBikes  HQ– the connection that enables users to pay either by credit card or their DecoBikes subscription card — hasn’t been working.

And the problem persists.

In an email to DecoBikes customers tonight, the bike rental service says it’s due to a problem with their wireless provider, T-Mobile.

We continue to experience intermittent communication at our kiosks due to an issue with our wireless data provider, T-Mobile.  Recent network changes/updates at T-Mobile have caused this issue, which we have been dealing with for several days.

We have been working around the clock with them for a resolution and tomorrow they are taking additional measures by sending staff to assist us on-site. Unfortunately, we must be patient while they try to remedy the situation as they process the data for transactions generated by our bike stations.

For those of you who use DecoBike for daily transportation, we advise you to seek alternative forms of transportation for the next 24-48 hours while we work with T-Mobile to get the issue resolved.


Belle Isle waits as DecoBikes launches service

Inside the DecoBike office at 717 Washington Ave.

DecoBikes held a press conference Tuesday to announce the launch of the bike sharing program and began setting up bikes at rental stations on South Beach, starting at South Pointe and moving north.

But it’s not exactly a running start: by 1 p.m., there were only a few stations with bikes (none at Belle Isle) and if you signed up today to get a resident swipe card to use the service, you’d be disappointed.

Your Belle Isle Blog did just that — registered for the service and paid the $99 deposit at $15 monthly fee by credit card, and then headed to the DecoBikes office at 717 Washington Ave. to pick up a card. But there were no cards; the is a backlog already, we were told. The attendant took our phone number and promised to call when the cards arrive (if you don’t pick it up in person, they charge $9.99 to mail it to you).

As for bikes, they are being installed at bike stations from south to north, and likely will get to Belle Isle some time tomorrow. Our bike spy, Josh Fisher, reports there were bikes in South Pointe Park, at Ocean Drive and First Street, and Euclid and Fifth Street and at 14th and Collins.

If you want to check for yourself, you can use the interactive map on the DecoBikes website, which reports how many bikes are in place at different stations. You can also download an iPhone app that does the same thing.

Of course, as people begin using the bikes, they will migrate to locations where they get dropped off.

DecoBikes plans to make 1000 rental bikes available at 100 stations on Miami Beach. Phase One includes 50 stations and 500 bikes.

The TransitMiami blog has a great takeout on the service today. And Miami New Times reports that the model who helped demonstrate the bikes at the press is Playboy Magazine’s Miss August, Francesca Frigo.

New Miami Beach bike sharing program will include Belle Isle

DecoBikes, the company that plans to place bicycles at rental stations around Miami Beach, will include a kiosk in Belle Isle Park.

The station will be one of more than 100 stations to be installed across the city that will host 1,000 sturdy rental bikes, which can be used for short rides for either a monthly fee or a single rental.

The first stations are supposed to open in February. It’s not clear when the Belle Isle kiosk will be installed, said Scott Diffenderfer, president of the Belle Isle Residents Association and an active member of the city committee that is working on the project.

Thirty stations are supposed to be installed by the end of this month, when the first bikes will be available for short-term rental.

All of the stations are supposed to be finished by spring, including Belle Isle’s. Each will include a rack of self-locking silver-and-blue bikes in a solar-powered kiosk. Around South Beach, stations will be available within roughly a couple of blocks of each other.

The Miami Herald wrote an extensive article on the plan earlier this month.
Rental costs are meant to encourage short commutes — check out a bike, ride to Lincoln Road, put it in another kiosk, and go about your business. A monthly membership will cost $15, and you can sign up online. It will cover an unlimited number of rentals. The first 30 minutes of any rental — enough time to ride from Belle Isle to South Pointe Park, for example — would be free. After that, the fee can reach $6 an hour, depending on total time.
For tourists. short-term rentals and discounted passes will be available. And you can pay at the kiosk by swiping a credit card.