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On Belle Isle, the towing and ticketing is about to begin

Ever since the renovation of Belle Isle Park in 2008 and the changes in on-street parking that came with it, daytime traffic on the south side of the island on Island Avenue has been a challenge. (maybe we ought to say, even a greater challenge).

Loading zones are few, and trucks often block the street beginning with food trucks in the morning rush hour and throughout the weekday.

Part of the problem is design; another is too few spaces. But cars and trucks that overstay the 30-minute parking zones and loading zones make it all worse.

Starting Monday, the city of Miami Beach plans to crack down on violators, at the request of Belle Isle residents. Here’s the note Belle Isle Residents Association president Scott Diffenderfer sent our this weekend:

Please note that new Freight Loading Zones and 30 minute parking zones are in effect on Belle Isle and the warning period is over.  Cars in violation will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.  Please make sure you and your guests pay attention to the signs and park legally.  These parking zones were created due to resident complaints of trucks illegally parking in the road.

Belle Isle Residents Association president is running for Miami Beach City Commission


Here’s some news:

Belle Isle’s own Scott Diffenderfer, longtime president of the Belle Isle Residents Association, filed papers today to run for Miami Beach City Commission.

He is running for the Group 6 seat, which is being vacated by Commissioner Deede Weithorn, who has indicated she plans to run for the Florida House of Representatives.

Diffenderfer is the second Belle Isle resident to file for the seat. Mark Samuelian, a management consultant, filed his candidacy papers last month. Jeff Cynamon, a real estate attorney specializing in eminent domain casses, has also filed for that seat.

Samuelian, the Community Affairs director of the Alton Road Business Association, lives in the Grand Venetian. He is also on the board of Miami Beach United. (An earlier version of this post omitted this information).

Diffenderfer moved to Miami Beach in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew. He is a Realtor, and lives in the Belle Plaza condo. In addition to his involvement with BIRA, he’s served on the Miami Beach Transportation, Parking and Bicycle-Pedestrian Facilities Committee.

Congrats to Belle Isle volunteers; the folks who give our neighborhood its voice

Belle Isle Blog is overdue in recognizing the newly elected Belle Isle Residents Association board, which plays a crucial role as our neighborhood advocate on key issues at Miami Beach City Hall and with Miami-Dade County and the Florida Department of Transportation.

They are active (in their day jobs) in areas from architecture to real estate, and many have key roles in other volunteer quality of life ventures — from Miami Beach committees to civic groups.

The association’s president, Scott Diffenderfer (Belle Plaza), is a local Realtor and a member of Miami Beach’s Transportation Committee.

Vice President Charlie Urstadt lives in Belle Towers, and last month was selected as chair of the city of Miami Beach Planning Board. Urstadt also serves as chair of the Miami Beach Design Preservation League, a director of Friends of Miami Marine Stadium and is managing director of Urstadt Real Estate, a consulting firm.

Jean Francois-Lejeune (Belle Plaza) is a professor of architecture (and director of graduate studies) at the University of Miami, author and a Miami Beach Planning Board member.

Nancy Liebman (9 Island Avenue) is a former Miami Beach City Commissioner, and along with long-time board member Herb Frank, one of the founders  of the activist group Miami Beach United. Frank is active with Scenic Miami.

At the risk of leaving anyone out, here’s a complete list of board members as of the latest Belle Island Association election, from the association website:

  • Scott Diffenderfer (20 Island Avenue) [President]
  • Josh Fisher (9 Island Avenue)
  • Herb Frank (10 Venetian Way) [Treasurer]
  • Garry Korr (11 Island Avenue)
  • Sandra Money (3 Island Avenue)
  • Barbara Frank (10 Venetian Way)
  • Nancy Liebman (9 Island Avenue)
  • David Leeds (20 Island Avenue)
  • Monica Tracy (5 Island Avenue) [Secretary)
Directors Elected 2012 (Terms expire January, 2014)

  • Nancy Beckham (20 Island Avenue)
  • Jean-Francois Lejeune with wife Astrid Rotemberg as Sub (20 Island Avenue)
  • Elaine Solomon (1 Century Lane) [Elected January 2013]
  • Charles Urstadt (16 Island Avenue)  [Vice-President]


Secretary Monica Tracey (5 Island Ave.) is an active area real estate agent.

New Miami Beach citizens group has roots in Belle Isle

A new Miami Beach citizen advocacy group, Miami Beach United, plans to announce itself at a press conference Wednesday at 6 p.m. in front of City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Dr.

Three key founders live on Belle Isle — former Miami Beach Commissioner Nancy Liebman (9 Island Avenue resident), Belle Isle Residents Association president Scott Diffenderfer (Belle Plaza), and Belle Isle Residents Association board member Herb Frank (Grand Venetian).

Another activist key to its formation is activist Herb Sosa, leader of the Unity Coalition, who helped draft the new group’s its mission statement:

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Miami Beach residents, managed and measured growth for our city, and ethical leadership of government — for a vibrant city root in history, its people, resources and neighborhoods, with focus on the future.

The group has been organizing for several months, and met in February to go over key goals and develop a strategy for raising money through donations. The non-profit says all donations will go “right back into efforts to improve the quality of life for all in Miami Beach..”