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Kardashian reality show house hunts on DiLido, North Bay Road

714 W DiLido, proposed home base for Kardashian reality show

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians — the reality show family featuring Kim and Khloe and Kourtney and sporty spouses and significant others– then you don’t live on DiLido Isle on the Venetian Causeway.

Or one of the Sunset Islands. Or North Bay Road.

DiLido residents were buzzing Thursday morning after learning that representatives of the Karadashian’s reality venture were going door-to-door near 714 W. DiLido Dr. seeking signatures in support of allowing the property to be used as the Kardashian’s home in an upcoming season of reality installments.

The property, according to Miami-Dade property records, is a six-bedroom, five-bath bayfront home on northeast portion of DiLido, owned by lawyer Dale Hightower.

The Kardashians are seeking a Miami Beach home they can use for three months of continuous filming. That is far beyond any use allowed in Miami Beach’s code, said Graham Winick, film and event production manager for the city of Miami Beach.

To get permission to use a single-family home in that way, Winick said, a production company must first get permission from all adjacent property owners (in this case there are two), and then 90 percent of the homeowners within a 500 foot radius of the house.

If that happens — a big if — then the city would convene a review board to evaluate the filming request. But that process wouldn’t even get to that stage without the okay of the neighbors.

“We are very industry friendly, but not at the expense of residential needs,” Winick said.

Many Miami Beach homes have been featured in television series and films. Magic City and Burn Notice, as well as telenovelas, frequently use Beach venues. Filming is supposed to begin in a few weeks at a home on Pine Tree Drive for the movie Iron Man 3.

But because the filming is usually for only a day orĀ  two, or a period of days, Winick said.

The survey by the Kardashian crew alarmed DiLido residents, who alerted each other through a Venetian Isle e-mail group and urged residents to call Winick’s office.

DiLido resident Marc Cooper framed it this way in an email to his neighbors:

“They are seeking a permit to film the Kardashian reality TV show at 714 W. Dilido. They propose to have the Kardashian group live in that house and film continuously for three months, with a constant film crew and supporting people following the Kardashian’s coming and going, as well as their daily life.

“This seems outrageous for a residential neighborhood…. Although they promise that their impact will be minimal, my guess is that it will not be.”

In a previous season of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, the Kardashians used the penthouse of the Bentley Bay Hotel on Ocean Drive as their home. Because it was in a commercial building, a hotel, no special permissions were required. But this year, because older sister Kourtney has had a baby, they are looking for a single-family home environment, Winick said.

The DiLido house isn’t the first place they sought, Winick said. And the DiLido neighbors haven’t been the only onse to call and complain.

First, they attempted to get the okay from neighbors for use of a home on one of the Sunset Islands. They failed.

Now they are looking at the DiLido house and another home on North Bay Road between 46th and 47th Street, Winick said. Neighbors of that home have been calling as well.