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Belle Isle Bridge, then and now

The BelleIsleBlog loves a challenge, and when Mark Potter threw one down regarding our item on the 1937-vintage postcard of the bridge between Belle Isle and  Miami Beach, we responded.

Mark liked the old post card, which showed the idyllic crossing from Miami Beach to a tree-swept, tropical Belle Isle with but one building visible. But he wanted more:

“I would like to see this 1937 post card side-by-side with a current view from taken the same location.”

How about if we stack them:


The bridge to Belle Isle, 1937


Belle Isle bridge, Feb. 26, 2010

It wasn’t easy finding the correct angle as the original painting. The point of view comes from the southeast, across the Intracoastal/Collins Canal, at the end of Lincoln Court east of Bay Road (and north of Lincoln Road). We’ve marked the spot on our comprehensive Belle Isle Google Map.

Just for fun, here’s a panorama from the same spot, using the PANO app on the iPhone.

Panorama of the bridge