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A good look at Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park from above.

For residents, there’s a lot to like about Belle Isle Park, now that the landscaping has stabilized from the 2007 renovation project and both fenced-in dog runs are open.

Jim Harper, who writes for the monthly Biscayne Times, notes his impressions  of the park in the May issue, giving it 3.5 out of a possible five palm trees and saying  “Belle Isle Park offers a little shade, a little grass, and a winding road of relaxation.”

He doesn’t exactly love our island: “Belle Isle Park’s 3.3 acres sit in the middle of a circular condo canyon so tightly packed that sunrise and sunset must pry their way into the circle. It’s enough to give you vertigo.”


A peaceful day in Belle Isle Park

Mrs. Blog captured this shot. Okay, birders. Egret or heron?

Belle Isle Park is great for runners, walkers, kids puppies and birds.

Is this heaven or what?

Belle Isle Park challenge: Name that bloom!

Can you name these blooms?

For all the struggles in Belle Isle Park, with the newly planted trees tipping over and never seeming it take root, we’re finally seeing the landscaping start to bloom.

First, the yellow tabebuia came in beautifully. And this morning, we saw these spectacular pink blooms — and didn’t know the species. Take a look and fill us in!

We took the first photo around 11 a.m., on our way to Lincoln Road. When we came back around 1:30 p.m., the wind had blown them to the ground. We picked them up for a closer examination.

Again, if you know what they are, post a comment.

Damp dog day afternoon in dog park

Daniela, Renan and Bono, their shorthair German Pointer.

Here's Ziggy!!!

And here is Christian and Match

We love our Belle Isle dogs, and we add these to our gallery — along with a question.

What’s the drainage problem in the fenced dog walk area? And why is that is the only area open for our use? There was flooding early Sunday morning, and the puddling remained at 5 p.m. Meanwhile, the other fenced run has been locked — and unusable — all day. The Miami Beach Parks Department needs to do something. Take a look:

The left dog run is open, but flooded....

....and the other run is dry and locked.