This is a blog about the neighborhood of Belle Isle, a community of condo residents a quick bridge-walk from the hubbub of South Beach. Our bloggers live here, work nearby and care about a quality of life unique and special in South Florida. We welcome posts from neighbors and friends, and consider this an extension of our home.

61 responses to “About

  1. This “About” section leaves more questions than answers. Who is behind this blog? Is it operated by the Herald? Strangely anonymous citizens? What gives? What are you hiding?

  2. How can I find out if there are any units for rent or sublet? My sister and her two grown daughters are looking for a place. I live on W. Dilido Drive and have always loved the look of Belle Isle. Please contact me at janetc1157@yahoo.com.
    Thank you so much.

  3. My question is sadly a repeat of Janet’s above – how do I find out about apartments to rent in Belle Isle?

  4. I live at Costa Brava and have a couple of 2 bedrooms for rent and will soon have a 1 bedroom 1.5 bathrooms. I LOVE my isle…and just discovered the “blog”. Good job.

  5. I think your blog is great, but I can’t for the life of me understand why you don’t put your names on it. It demeans you and discredits the work you are doing.

  6. I too love this blog, while I don’t live on Belle Isle, I do live on West Ave and Lincoln and love our neighborhood. This blog is fantastic and informative. thank you for your work.

  7. Hi, I don’t live in Belle Isle at all (actually in “la belle province” of Quebec, in Canada) but came across the old postcard entry and am happy to have discovered the blog! I was born in Miami and like to go as often as I can, so learning facts from the past – and present – is greatly appreciated. Thanks for this initiative, I look forward to reading more!

  8. Keep us posted on the progress and updates/upgrades on
    Belle Isle. We enjoy reading them having visited Miami so, so
    many times in our lives.
    —The Rileys

  9. What is the progress on the tunnel from I#95 under the bay
    out to Dodge Island where the cruise ships dock?

    We here in Durham, North Carolina are curious?

  10. We enjoyed the new blog with the new picture of the
    Venetian Causeway. Thank you.

  11. This is a lovely and insightful blog.

  12. Hello fellow neighbors, I would like to invite you all to join me at a recently opened restaurant for locals right here on Belle Isle. Malus restaurant located on the Mezzanine floor of The Costa Brava building (11 Island) faces south overlooking the water with floor to ceiling windows and spectacular views of Miami Beach to the downtown skyline. Executive Chef Mario V has created a unique menu specializing in Gourmet Healthy International Cuisine that can satisfy any appetite or craving, best of all it’s right here on the island. Call 305-532-6397 ext 6 to make a reservation or check out http://www.malusrestaurant.com to see the website. All new guests that join us for dinner receive a free glass of wine 🙂

  13. Hi,
    Does any one knows about requesting speed bumps?
    Not for the main road, but by the side street where the Dilido ( The Standar) Hotel is? The one that runs parallel to the main road.
    Taxi cabs and tipsy drivers race to pick or drop people up most during the weekends of course.
    I’ve called Central Cab and reported several cabs numbers but that has not yet improved the situation.
    Comments are appreciated.

  14. We have a serious white fly infestation on the island. They seem to be going after the coconut palms, small date palms and washingtonians. The big ficus tree in the psrlk seems to be affected as well. Is the city doing anything? I’m alerting my condo association here at the GV but worry about the park trees. The fly larvae attack the leaves or fronds, leave a sticky substance which attracts a fungus, all of which suffocate the tree. Serious problem. Google white fly infestation Miami Beach for more info.

    • We had this issue at our condo but we nipped it in the bud by using a specialist in tree/plant bug infestation. They didn’t use chemicals that were dangerous either.

  15. MAKING “OUR” BLOG EVEN BETTER. Keeping our neighbors informed by open discussions about Belle Isle would make life interesting for long retired coots like me!
    Example? I was watching the end of a long TV movie today around 4PM when 9 Island’s new TV system froze for about 20 minutes. It was the straw that broke this camel’s back and helped me decide the title of my soon to be started book: “Sane people shouldn’t live in condos”. (“Don’t Retire Young” willl have to wait!)
    We have many condo boards & management companys on our Isle. Maybe some open exchange of resident’s ideas would be helful and interesting.

  16. Dear Belle Isle Blog,

    Bravo on your site. I have been following it since last year when I started a private blog for my condo even though I live elsewhere on South Beach. I am considering starting a blog for my neck of the woods and take inspiration from your blog. If I fire up the blog, I will let you know.

  17. Dear Belle Isle Blog, Here’s an FYI about the West Avenue Bridge Project Study. The kick off meeting to explain the study is next week. I imagine the project, if approved, will impact Belle Isle as well because of construction on West Avenue, 17th Street and Dade Boulevard. It might be worth looking into. The Web site address is: westavenuebridgeproject.com

  18. Is there any rules/laws/regulations on the time period a boat can be docked in the bay? There is a very decrepit sailboat without a mast that has been moored about 100 ft from 16/11 island-it’s been there for months. Hygiene/sanitary concerns-where does their “waste” go? Who can we contact in the city? Not only are they an eyesore but they may also be polluting the local waters.

    • Hi Nellie:I see that same boat from our window (9 Island) as well. I agree 100% with your observations. You might want to call Code Enforcement and see if they can help. 24/7 Tel. 305-604-4785 Good Luck!

  19. Sylvia Gurinsky

    Hello. Is there a place on this blog where the community can post events? (Thanks.)

  20. how can I find out about rentals on Belle Isle?

    • Jay, you might want to set up a google alert, and also scan Craig’s List. There also are a few Realtor’s who specialize in Belle Isle, like Nelly Barrios at Costa Brava and Scott Diffenderfer at Belle Plaza.

  21. Hi Jay, there are 22 rentals available on Belle Isle range is $1450 for a furnished studio at Belle Plaza to $28,000 for a decked out 3 bedroom/4 bath penthouse at 10 Venetian…..the majority of the rentals fall between $2900-$5000. Hope that helps.

  22. Happy New Year to all my fellow Belle Islers!!! I love living here in Paradise
    at 9 Island! Here’s to a fabulous 2012 ahead!

  23. Dear Belle Isle Blog,

    I’m wondering if you know why the Venetian Causeway street lamps are not on. The only lights on last night were on the N. side of the Causeway at Belle Isle; the south side lights were not even on. Traveling the Venetian Causeway from Miami home at dusk last night, sharing the road with cars, pedestrians, dog walkers, baby carriages, roller-bladers and other cyclists was incredibly and unnecessarily dangerous. A very dangerous time of day it was, the time between day & night. There was still light, but it was fading fast. Peddling home from work in Miami I saw lights being turned on in people’s homes; light on drive ways, on decks and docks were already on.

    As a cyclist, I was very nervous. I just faced forward, peddling away, front and back light blinking away, hoping that the car drivers could see me. Sometimes I was not too sure. Cars were coming very close to me as they passed me, splitting the hair-line space between me and the cars coming from the other direction.

    The other thing on my mind is why car drivers don’t wait till there is a free lane to pass. They might hit me, and I’ll be dead. They on the other hand have to live with blood on their hands.

    Thank You,
    16 Island Ave,
    a proud and alive Belle Island Resident

  24. I’m sorry, but there is NO WAY that Belle Isle is considered “South Beach” by anyone other than real estate agents.

  25. Does anyone know why the Henry Flagler memorial on Monument Island in Biscayne Bay is no longer lit up at night ?
    Is the City saving money or are the lights simply broken ?

    • Hi Mia: I asked this same question to Matti Bower a few months ago, and her answer was that a cable had been damaged by a boat. Why it has not been repaired up until today, is hard to believe. I will continue to post the question to our City Officials and hopefully get their attention to light our beautiful Monument Island once more.

  26. The 9 Island Ave property manager, Chris Crain, allowed a marine contractor to to make repairs at the condo marina without pulling a county permit. Crain also looked the other way when the contractor used an illegal technique of “water jetting” new wooden pilings into place. Water jetting is not permitted in the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve. When the Dade-County Environmental Resources department became aware of this illegal behavior, it shut the job down. Dade-County is now checking to see what other violations occurred at the 9 Island marina. This is just the latest example of Crain’s incompetence in running 9 Island Ave.

  27. Who is “Fane” and what are his credentials for recognizing incompetence?

  28. Have you seen the terrible Wall they are doing on the Flamigo, how could this happened…

  29. Are the lights back on on the Henry Flagler monument?

  30. Hello, I recently moved to Belle Isle and I would like to purchase a venetian pass. I understand that the C-pass will soon be converted to the Sunpass, but the $24 residential pass for the year will still apply. At this point (almost October) does it make more sense to wait until the conversion is completed because I will have to buy a new one? Do they both expire December 31 or is it a year from when you purchase it? Thanks!

    • Arielle: The annual pass costs $24 for Venetian Island residents, and the “year” runs from May 1 to April 30. They do not pro-rate the cost, so if you bought one today, it would still cost $24 (with a $20 deposit, refundable). It’s still a great deal.
      The county plans to convert to SunPass by next year, but still hasn’t transitioned. When that happens, they will need to reprogram your SunPass. This process has been in place on the causeway to Key Biscayne for the last year or so, and has had some bumps. You can fill out the paperwork for the Venetian transponder on this link or stop by the toll plaza office on Biscayne Island. Good luck.

      • dale1riley@nc.rr.com

        Good to know!!!!!!!! Send more photos/pics of Belle Isle as it is today—-condos, pretty homes, parks, bridges, etc.

  31. Thank you!! Very helpful information, I will spread the word.

  32. Great blog, very informative and interesting. Thanks for your work

  33. Nellie Barrios

    Hi Manuel, I did go to the city and was invited to “join” a committee. The City cannot do much since they are not permanent structures. Evidently being anchored does not mean permanently stationed in one spot. So while individuals or entities rebuilding docks have to prove (numerous surveys, requirements for wildlife etc.) that they are not inhibiting, disturbing, creating problems etc. an individual boat does not. At best they “check” periodically to make sure they are disposing of trash properly, have lights and so on.

  34. Hi,
    I was unpleasantly surprised the last few weeks when I noticed that the nice landscaping put in place after the Venetian Causeway renovations are watered in excess, pouring on the streets every time. Considering all the environmental efforts in saving water it’s hard for me to understand how the city can incur in such a waste as I believe it’s not recycled but just regular tap water that it’s being used. In addition, it adds a level of risk for motorcycle and bicycle riders by increasing the chances of slipping when breaking or turning. Not to mention everyone’s annoyance of getting splashed with dirt water on a clean vehicle or even clothing in the case of bikers and cyclists.
    Would it be possible to approach the streets plant watering differently?

  35. Hi,

    I work for the Market Company here in Miami and we operate multiple farmers markets across town (Fairchild Garden, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Downtown, Lincoln Road, etc.) and we would love to be featured on this blog. My e-mail is rerrichetti@gmail.com , feel free to e-mail so we can discuss. Thank you!

    -Robert Errichetti

  36. ch 6 would like to speak to someone about the venetian causeway. Please call 954-622-6111

  37. I live on West Island Ave. Terrace Towers….I am not at all happy since the island was installed on Venetian Cswy., it is no longer three lane !!!!! Therefore …..when the bridge is UP, and we are in season!!! The traffic gets backed up..making it impossible to turn onto W. Island ave. I was told by City, Miami Dade….too bad, it is meant to beautify the historical street…LOL….dying,drab , unattended median, island. I was told if coming from the East,,,,turn onto E. Island ….lol….now that may be possible if I AM ABLE TO FORESEE THIS!!!!!! The island does not serve any purpose ….other than to make residents unhappy…back up traffic …worse than it already is!!!!!! HELP!!!

  38. Have you ever considered featuring for sale by owner condos from Belle Isle on your blog?

  39. Dear Belleisleblog,
    Thank you for including me on your list of candidates for the Miami Beach Commission. This is very nice of you. Thank you.
    I am actually an engineer that went to law school. I graduated from the University of Florida College of Engineering with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1977. I passed the State of Florida Engineer Intern Exam in 1978, on my first attempt. As an engineer from 1977 through to the early 1990s, I worked on the restorations of the Carlyle, Cardozo, Leslie, Victor, Blackstone and numerous other Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach, the renovations to the Miami Beach Convention Center and spent three years working on the design and renovations to the Jackie Gleason Theatre of the Performing Arts. I also worked on the design and construction of Fisher Island, several buildings at Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Miami-Dade Water Treatment Facility on NE 155 Street, the Biscayne Bay Marriott next to the Omni, Dadeland Marriott, South Pointe Elementary School, Maritime and Science Academy (MAST) and many other buildings. For 14 years, as an engineer, I worked on the design and construction of large projects around the World. I then went to law school. In law school, I was a Certified Legal Intern in the City of Miami Attorney’s Office Land Use Division. Upon becoming an attorney, I worked for a prominent law firm representing the Miami-Dade School Board with the construction of new schools and the expansion of existing schools, and Broward County with the expansion of the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. I was then a Senior Attorney with the State of Florida Department of Transportation working on the funding, design and construction of roads and bridges along with water drainage and retention. In 1999, my daughter was at North Beach Elementary School, I left FDOT and opened by law firm on 41st Street across the street from North Beach Elementary School and next to Temple Beth Sholom. Since then, I have been representing property owners and businesses with the design and construction of roads and bridges, water drainage and retention, and flood control throughout Southeast Florida. I also represent the City of Hialeah Gardens and the Hialeah Housing Authority in eminent domain cases. In addition, I represent property owners and businesses in a large variety of property rights matters. I have over 20 years of knowledge and experience working in the design and construction of roads, bridges, water retention and drainage, flood control and other infrastructure.
    I am a fourth generation resident of Miami Beach. For more than 30 years, I have been active in community organizations improving our community. My knowledge and experience will be very beneficial to the Miami Beach Commission. Thank you.

  40. Charlie franchino

    It seems condos in this area significAntly cheaper than other areas of south beach. Anyone have opinions on this?

  41. What areas of South Beach are you referencing…..16th & Meridian or The Icon…..???

  42. Charlie franchino

    Any similar condos along West Ave

  43. Considerations….amenities, parking, ambiance, condo, coop, hoa fees, etc…

  44. Was thinking about heading to the park on Belle Isle (or according to Google maps, to the “Bell Isle Park”) early this morning, but apparently didn’t know much about your beautiful island. Discovered this blog while searching for info and have learned so much… it’s been at least an hour.

    A couple thoughts (ended up reading the entire list of comments as well):

    1. To the fellow in the comments – whether it “technically” is or not, Belle Isle is totally considered part of the South Beach area by a lot of people, and not everyone I know is a real estate agent (almost everyone, though). It’s a separate island and everyone knows that; in this case, I’ve failed to see the urgent need for such distinction. With the short distance between most things in Miami and Miami Beach, the difference is pretty moot. “I live in Bal Harbour, not Sunny Isles.” (I don’t even care if that comment was posted years ago… I found this site in 2015 and I have too much free time.)

    2. Why do several people above seem so (absurdly) concerned about the actual names behind this blog, to the point of leaving accusatory comments? It makes me wonder what they would like to hide, as opposed to the contrary.

    Sorry, just sick of seeing people who themselves are “hiding” behind a vague first name being rude to people who actually provide value on the net. Very informative site! 🙂

  45. Is anybody else concerned about the huge amounts of ugly gray scum being generated in the Collins Canal by the new pump station at 17th and West? The City Works department have dismissed my concerns, the mayor has not responded. Take a look if you don’t know what I am talking about. It is a hideous mess that slowly floats out into the bay all day, every day. Tourists must think MB is a toxic wasteland. It is shameful and embarrassing.

  46. What do you know about the possibility and timing of the proposed new building 31-36 Island Ave? Is there a name of the project to search for drawings, images and updates?

  47. Love this blog! It’s very insightful! I’m always looking for current information on the neighborhoods that I specialize in, so I appreciate this resource for Belle Isle! Thanks!

  48. The city has a plan for the foot bridge across the canal from Dade Blvd at end of Venetian Causeway to Lincoln Court. Personally, I find the design large and ugly. it is on the agenda tomorrow 2/14/18 item C7G. not sure how to post pdf here but if you want image, email me. Belle Isle units facing East with views of the canal will see this bridge.

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