Get ready for another edition of Venetian crossing closed

The repair of the Venetian Way drawbridge between Belle Isle and Rivo Alto and roadbed repairs around it will begin as soon as September, and the crossing will be closed for 45 days during the work.

The drawbridge has been locked in the closed position since April 2015, due to a mechanical failure. When the westernmost span of the Venetian was rebuilt (May of 2015 to March 1, 2016), Miami-Dade County kept it closed to keep an open path on the longer routes from the Venetian Isles to mainland Miami.

But now Miami-Dade is moving ahead with the roadwork, the Miami Herald reports.

The cost of the project is about 2 million.  Construction should start around September. The drawbridge is expected to be finished by December 2016. Repairs to the other bridge are expected to be done by May.

5 responses to “Get ready for another edition of Venetian crossing closed


    Great to see this repair work being done. But surely they could have timed it during the low season , like now, when less people are around. To start the project just when kids go back to school and Miami Beach gets event busy and traffic heavy between Sept – Dec, seems crazy to me. This project has been on the cards for ages, so surely it could have been coordinated better, or is that too crazy to expect!!!

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  2. How does September to December map in any way to 45 days?

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