Belle Isle residents to meet Tuesday to plan opposition to Belle Isle Key demolition

DeformaStudio-Bella Isla3

Rendering shows view from south side of Belle Isle.

A group of Belle Isle residents have scheduled a meeting Tuesday night at Costa Brava to rally opposition to the demolition of Belle Isle Key apartments.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m.on the mezzanine level of the condo , 11 Island Ave.

The EuroAmerican Group, which owns the apartments at 31 Venetian Way, has submitted plans to replace the current complex of 120 units in five three-story buildings with 172 apartments in two five-story buildings. The project would also provide substantially more parking — 297 spaces in an interior garage, instead of the 109 spaces that are part of the current complex.

Belle Isle Key Apartments, 31 Island Ave.

Belle Isle Key Apartments, 31 Island Ave.

The Miami Beach Design Review Board will consider EuroAmerican’s plan on June 7.

Lawyer Richard Freeman, who lives in Costa Brava and is helping to organize opponents, said he’s trying to marshall a big group to show up on June 7 to voice opposition when the DRB meets.

“The best arguments are not as effective as having people show up,” he sad. “Sometimes numbers seak louder than words.”

At a meeting last week, Belle Isle Residents Association president Scott Diffenderfer said the island association would not be taking a formal position against the complex because the height and number of units are allowed under the zoning code.

“You can’t just fight it because you don’t like it,” he said. “It has to have a legal basis.”

A meeting announcement circulated by Freeman says some residents are concerned the project will bring more traffic, construction and block bay views from other buildings.


5 responses to “Belle Isle residents to meet Tuesday to plan opposition to Belle Isle Key demolition

  1. Is there a way for winter residents of Belle Island to voice their opposition to this plan.

    Robin Dobson 14B 3 Island Avenue.

  2. I believe that the replacement as proposed would be a welcome improvement. The existing complex is quite an eyesore to those of us who look down on it and it is deteriorating year to year. A more compact, modern design with hidden parking would be an improvement along with opening up street-level water views that are now completely cut off by the dated, sprawling layout.

  3. Yes Robin there is absolutely a way for “winter residents” to voice their opposition. Stay up north and dont bother us. When you become a full time resident of our wonderful city and pay taxes year round we will gladly listening to your moronic opinion. until then . . .

    • Joe:
      For the record, this is a respectful space. If you want to insult people you disagree with, you are welcome to do it in lots of other places on the web. Do it again here, and we’ll block you. Please treat your neighbors — full and parttime — with civility.

  4. Michel Peskoe

    If Joe knows how winter residents can not pay taxes year round, I wish he would share it.

    These are old buildings, and replacing them with modern buildings, especially with an interior garage is not something I would object to. There is no reason not to object simply because you don’t like it; that is plenty of reason, especially if it is about destroying views. The fact that it is not prohibited by zoning is no reason not to object Did the Watson Island project violate zoning laws, which Belle Isle Assn not only objected to, but donated money to fight? I don’t recall what was being “violated,” other than the same things opposed here: density, traffic, etc.

    I would suggest that, rather than fight about the project generally, the Assn and its members fight about the proposed height, which will be significantly greater than the present structure. Perhaps the builder will make some concessions, perhaps it won’t, but no harm in trying to persuade so as not to aggravate neighbors. We can also complain about failure to observe renting regs, which I think they were recently fined for, and require adequate protection to see that the same types of violations are prevented in the future.

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