O Miami brings restorative meditation and poetry to Belle Isle.. in the year 2100

Jillian Mayer leads participants to the Standard pool (Photos courtesy of O, Miami/Farah Diba Cristina Yamini)

Jillian Mayer leads participants to the Standard pool (Photo courtesy of O, Miami/Farah Diba Cristina Yamini)

Your Belle Isle was traveling last week, and missed the big O, Miami poetry event at the Standard.

But our correspondent (and Belle Isle Residents Association board member) Lisa Palley provided a report:

On April 6th, the standard at the The Standard was raised a few notches by O Miami’s poetry missionaries.
The mission of O, Miami Poetry Festival is to give every human existing in our city a poetic encounter. This particular encounter, Current, created by Miami based artist/filmmaker Jillian Mayer, and executed by her band of humanoids, gave Miami a glimpse of how restorative transcendental meditation will look like… in the year 2100.
So, this is underwater poetry?

So, this is underwater poetry? (Photo courtesy of O. Miami / Farah Diba Cristina Yamini)

(Photo courtesy of O, Miami/Farah Diba Cristina Yamini)

First thing you need to know–it happened underwater. Second, it was called the “art of virtual sight recognition,” amongst other things. For the techno-conservatives in the reading audience, please, rest assured, this meditation was a perfect marriage of  ancient wisdom and futuristic innovation.

Jillian’s vision anticipated all the challenges for a 2016 you–and the future “you”–living in the year 2100. Issues like social anxiety due to super-population, inability to focus due to super-stimulation (thank you, perpetual pinging gizmos) and other anxieties… like not being superhuman due to our inability to be productive and perfect 24/7. This interactive performance and site-specific sound piece Current assuaged us, causing all of our anxieties to float away, far away.
To help with social anxiety, Jillian used coaxing imperatives in a serene, half human, half borg voice “do not be disturbed if you come into contact with somebody.” For our compromised attention, those jumping monkeys in our brains, she used sensory isolation and had participants use black painted goggles, as waterproof blindfolds. That way we could focus on the poetic collage of instructions that successfully tapped into our greater imagination. One particular meditation stuck with me, even til now, were these words of poet Mary Oliver asking, imploring us to think.. “What is it you plan to do/ with your one/ wild and precious life?”
Hmmm… how about experience a brilliant poem first hand? Visit www.omiami.org and engage with poetry in a variety of ways during the remaining days of April, Miami’s O poetry season.




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