Venetian Causeway opening planned for Monday

The Venetian Causeway link to mainland Miami is expected to open Monday at 10 a.m., with an official ribbon cutting.

That actually meets the schedule Miami-Dade County promised last year when it closed the westernmost span of the chain of bridges, which connects Biscayne Isle with the mainland.

The west span closed June 1, and the county said the $12.4 million reconstruction would take nine months.

The reopening will make it easier for residents of Biscayne, San Marco, San Marino, DiLido, Rivo Alto and Belle isles to make their way back and forth between Miami Beach and downtown. It also restores a popular crossing for runners, walkers and cyclists.

But it also means a big increase in traffic for Venetian residents, who have balanced a driving inconvenience with much quieter streets during the closure.

And it will mean that the drawbridge between Rivo Alto and Belle Isle, which hasn’t been raised since construction began, will resume service again.

The $1.75 Venetian toll, collected through SunPass, will resume on the causeway. Island residents will need to re-register their SunPass devices with Miami-Dade County to avoid the toll. The county has detailed instructions on how to do that.

With the west end of the bridge rebuilt, study continues on the other 11 bridges on the causeway, most of which will require some level of repair in the next few years. The Florida Department of Transportation expects to complete an engineering study by summer 2017, a required step to quality for federal funding help for rehab work.

The county has said that work wouldn’t begin before 2020.




4 responses to “Venetian Causeway opening planned for Monday

  1. Thank you for this and all the other excellent information you provide to our community.

  2. Richard A. Freeman

    Correction: The draw bridge that will become operational once the Venetian Causeway bridge opens for traffic is between Belle Isle and Rivo Alto Islands, NOT Belle Isle and Sunset Harbor.

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