Miami Beach City Commission delays vote on Dade Boulevard road-raising work

The Miami Beach commissioners delayed a decision Wednesday on a $2.2 million contract to raise a flood-prone section of Dade Boulevard at Belle isle’s east entrance.

The stretch of Dade Boulevard runs east from the edge of Maurice Gibb Memorial Park and the easternmost Venetian Causeway bridge segment to just west of where 17th Street splits off of Dade Boulevard.

It’s flood-prone at high tides, and forms the southern border of the Sunset Harbour sea-level rise project. The money would pay for raising the road up to three feet, as well as seawall improvements, landscaping and traffic signal modernization.

City engineer Bruce Mowry told Belle Isle residents last week that he hoped the city would get the project 75-day project started as quickly as possible to minmize its impact once the Venetian Causeway reopens to mainland Miami, which is expected on March 1.


4 responses to “Miami Beach City Commission delays vote on Dade Boulevard road-raising work

  1. They should build a little bridge for pedestrians, bicycles an other light traffick from Venetian Way to Lincoln Ct. or Bay Rd, over the channel, while they are at it. This way the little stench to the West Ave could be dedicated to heavier traffic only.

  2. What must Belle Isle residents do to get discount on toll for bridge?

    • Lori, a previous post went into detail on how to register through the Miami Dade Public Works Causeway Division. Read back a couple of threads. You’ll need to prove you live on one of the Venetian islands……

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