Here’s what’s planned for the Dade Boulevard street raising at Purdy Avenue

City Commissioners will vote Wednesday on Dade Boulevard contract.

Commissioners will vote Wednesday on Dade Boulevard contract.

At Thursday’s Belle Isle Residents Association, city engineer Bruce Mowry said the next urgent project Miami Beach will undertake to combat sea-level rise and street flooding is raising a short stretch of Dade Boulevard from Biscayne Bay to the bridge over the Collins Canal.

Here’s slightly a deeper look at that project, which Miami Beach commissioners will consider Wednesday at 5 p.m. at City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Dr.

It’s a $2.2 million project ($2 million with a $200,000 contingency), and the commission is being asked to waive bids to do it quickly, which requires approval from five of the seven commissioners. The contractor would be Lanzo Construction, which is doing the other work in Sunset Harbour.

It involves raising Dade Boulevard up to three feet, but that’s not all (86bcddfa-2d29-4600-b700-2634fd3604fc). The project also includes higher seawalls along the Collins Canal, new drainage, traffic signals, lighting and landscaping for the street of the roadway that forms the south boundary of Sunset Harbour.

The city Public Works Department says two lanes of traffic will remain open at all times. At Thursday’s meeting, Mowry said the construction is expected to take 75 days; a public works advisory says two months. Work is planned for seven days a week, according to the city.

It’s supposed to happen in three phases. The city wants to get the work done quickly, Mowry said, because once the Venetian Causeway reopens to mainland Miami on March 1, traffic is expected to increase. This schedule will get at least some of the work completed before then.



2 responses to “Here’s what’s planned for the Dade Boulevard street raising at Purdy Avenue

  1. Previously you stated they wanted to raise it 6 feet. This article says 3 feet. Please advise – which one is it?

    • There are two segments of Dade Boulevard that will be raised. The work the commission will vote on next week, off of Purdy, will be raised as high as three feet. The other segment — where part will be raised six feet — will be done later as part of the West Avenue Bridge project. The early blogpost spoke to both segments. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

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