Venetian Causeway could really reopen February 29

Miami-Dade County says the rebuilt westernmost span of the Venetian Causeway could be back in business on leap day, Feb. 29.

That’s good news for most Venetian Island residents, who have been forced to use either the McArthur or Tuttle causeways for what used to be a quick trip downtown.

But, it will mean more traffic returning to Venetian Way, which has been a quiet paradise for walkers, runners and bicyclists since the causeway closed to mainland traffic on June 1.

As Venetian Way Neighborhoow Alliance president Jack Hartog wrote to members: “How did you all feel living on a very long dead end street since last June when the west bridge closed for repairs?”


5 responses to “Venetian Causeway could really reopen February 29

  1. I felt terrible never left the Beach . Good News enjoy living on an Island Paradise but close to reality . Iris Barrientos resident and owner first on Rivo Alto and Belle Isle since 1980 Sent from my iPhone


  2. Teresa Valiente

    I work in downtown, can’t wait to have the bridge open again!

  3. We are glad to see the blog back in action
    Thank you!

  4. Do owners have to register again with causeway ?

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