Update: 17th Street – West Avenue connection is open

IMG_4641While construction on the 17th Street bridge continues on Sunday, workers have opened lanes enabling Venetian Island residents to turn right on to West Avenue south.

You can return to Belle Isle and the other Venetian Islands directly from West Avenue and 17th Street as well.

The Florida Department of Transportation had pledged the intersection would reopen by the time the Venetian Causeway access to downtown Miami is shut down — which happens at midnight tonight.

Drivers still cannot go east-west on 17th Street between West Avenue and Alton Road.



2 responses to “Update: 17th Street – West Avenue connection is open

  1. Richard Netkin

    Why don’t u take a photo of all the stinky water on 17 th at and ask when will that all be cleaned up,
    Still a mess!

    Peace Always ✌️

  2. did you see this…open today….so good to hear from you this morning…would you like me to defrost a steak for us”…i have lots of vegetables too…..thanks for cheering me up…i feel so helpless that i cannot do anything to make steve feel better …

    Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 13:14:09 +0000 To: shiksabelle@hotmail.com

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