When Venetian-to-Miami link closes, at least we’ll be able to turn right on West Avenue

We’re all bracing for the months of inconvenience that start Monday when the westernmost span on Venetian Way closes for reconstruction.

But we heard some decent news today from the Florida Department of Transportation: They plan to partially open the 17th Street bridge on Monday, so Venetian Isle residents can turn right on to West Avenue as we make our way south to the MacArthur Causeway.

According to FDOT spokeswoman Heather Leslie, “one eastbound and one westbound lane will reopen on 17 Street between Dade Boulevard and West Avenue.

“The contractor will continue underground drainage, water main and sanitary sewer operations within the existing work zone on West Avenue between Lincoln Road and 17 Street. 17 between Alton Court and West Avenue will be closed for all pedestrian traffic.”

The Venetian closure is expected to last about nine months.




4 responses to “When Venetian-to-Miami link closes, at least we’ll be able to turn right on West Avenue

  1. Thank goodness

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  2. Diane De Stefano

    Monday, 4pm, first day of no thruway to Miami: A bicyclist is lying on the ground in front of the Grand Venetian. From my window it appears that the victim is dead. Traffic halted. This is the only exit/entrance road. Now only one lane with alternating eastbound/westbound. Two comments: 1. This makes you realize how captive we are on the islands. 2. If a cyclist is killed on the Venetian, how many on bikes and scooters will be hit on the MacArthur or the Tuttle? No planning ahead, as usual.

  3. Hi Rick: Two things of interest I think. The new Italian resto in the parking garage Is hoping to open on the 25th according to a man(should have asked his name, etc). Pic below

    Next is pic of raised street and sidewalk at 20th nearing Purdy. Our future.

    > David Leeds Belle Plaza > >

  4. Rick: any chance u could get info on the Asian street food resto heard opening behind Ice Box in garage. Would be great since we have a dearth of Asian restos. Tnx: David Leeds

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