Update: Belle Isle water shutdown moves to Wednesday midnight

The city of Miami Beach is postponing water main work affecting Belle Isle until midnight on Wednesday, continuing through Thursday morning.

The work will leave the island without water for about 6 hours, the city estimates, ending at about 6 a.m. on Thursday. A boil water advisory will follow for Belle Isle residents for the following 72 hours.

We’ll let you know if the schedule changes again.


3 responses to “Update: Belle Isle water shutdown moves to Wednesday midnight

  1. I have received two different notices from my landlord, one indicating a shut down on Tuesday the 28th and then a reschedule notice that it would be 4/30 at midnight. (does that mean Wednesday night? or thursday night) However each time I call public works to confirm the date of the shutoff and when to begin avoiding drinking tap water, I get a different answer. Last night they said it was going to be turned off last night, yet when I woke up at 3am and turned on the faucet it was fine, so clearly it did not get shut off last night and this morning they said it would be turned off tonight– my neighbor called and they told him saturday??? Is there any official website we can reference to confirm exactly when we need to stop drinking the water? All of the this ambiguity is potentially very dangerous.

  2. they just started work. Hopefully 9 island which has been without A/C for two days gets it back on tomorrow AM.

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