If you think Venetian traffic is frustrating today, wait until the west bridge closes after June 1

The eastern drawbridge on Venetian Way is stuck in the up position for the second time today, and getting back to the mainland is a giant pain.

It’s a taste of what we’ll experience daily starting in about six weeks.

The reconstruction of the westernmost Venetian Causeway bridge, between mainland Miami and Biscayne Island, looks likely to start after June 1.

City commissioners were briefed about the timetable on Wednesday, and residents attended a community meeting Thursday night at the Miami Beach Police station.

The Coast Guard, according to the city, has agreed that during construction, the drawbridge on the eastern side of the causeway will remain locked down and only raised for Coast Guard emergency vehicles in emergency situations.

If only that span were locked down today…..

3 responses to “If you think Venetian traffic is frustrating today, wait until the west bridge closes after June 1

  1. And : How about the median between E.& W. Island Aves.!!! Who needs it, it serves absolutely no purpose….it stymies traffic from the east to enter W. Island Ave. It was installed during the Beautification?? of the causeway!! With dead, dry, ugly bushes…trash…unattended, nothing pretty about it!! I’ve talked with everyone , no help!!! Where is the Mayor???

  2. dale1riley@nc.rr.com

    I know that is right!

  3. The Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management Department (PWWM) will host a community meeting regarding the West Venetian Bascule Bridge Replacement Project on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at the Miami Beach Regional Library, 227 22nd St., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

    This community meeting will be conducted to provide residents, business owners and other stakeholders with information related to this project. The scope of work for this project consists of rehabilitating the westernmost 730 feet of the bridge deck and other components as needed. The community meeting will include an overview of the project followed by a question and answer period for the remainder of the meeting.

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