Did you get your $20 refund from the Venetian Causeway?

It’s been almost three months since the toll booths on Venetian Way went cashless, and Venetian Island residents switched from using a C-Pass transponder to SunPass.

We thought at some point the Causeway Division at Miami-Dade Public Works would ask us to return our now useless C-Pass transponder, but we never got that memo. Tired of it rattling around in the car, we finally dropped if off earlier this week. We got a nice little surprise:

The clerk had us fill out a form and told us we would get a $20 refund.

Now, again, we might have missed the memo. If you go to the Miami-Dade website section for the Venetian Causeway, there is a sentence that says:

If you no longer need the annual plan or are not eligible to renew the plan, please return your device to the Venetian Toll Plaza Office to obtain a refund.

But nowhere does it say anything like, “now that you are using SunPass, return your transponder for a $20 refund.”

But do it anyway. Twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

Of course, the refund process works at the speed of county government. We were told we’d get our check by March.


4 responses to “Did you get your $20 refund from the Venetian Causeway?

  1. Hi Rick: it was nice to see you at Art Miami and glad you had time to send this blog. Sure all of us who receive the blog hope you will have the time to continue at least occasionally. I heard about the return policy recently by word of mouth and returned my device. So guess I’ll get my refund in March. Happy Holidays and regards: David Leeds

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    Thank you!! Will do! 20 bucks is 20 bucks!!

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  3. the office is closed-where do you apply for your refund?

  4. The office is open each weekday at 8 a.m. Closes at 5

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