Be prepared — Friday’s Critical Mass bike ride will cross Dade Boulevard, Venetian Way

Critical Mass, the massive monthly bike ride, happens Friday night and is sure to shutdown traffic around our islands.

The ride starts at 7:15 p.m. on the mainland, and is expected to reach North Beach (over the 79th Street Causeway) at about 7:45 p.m.

From there, riders will head east to Collins Avenue, south to 23rd Street, and then west on Dade Boulevard to Venetian Way and across the islands to mainland Miami.

Plan on being home before the bike traffic, or travel on foot — or get caught in gridlock.

3 responses to “Be prepared — Friday’s Critical Mass bike ride will cross Dade Boulevard, Venetian Way

  1. Insane that everyone who lives in this neighborhood has to plan NOT to use our public highways in order to appease a relatively small group of bikers. The Critical Mass group should have to abide by the same Rules which apply to those who want to parade. Alternatively, they might do their “mass” rides at the Fair Grounds or Hialeah, etc. if it’s about partying with fellow bikers.

  2. The venetian is not a “Highway”! Personally, I experience plenty of abuse and risks to my life from reckless motorists every day while riding my bike the very short distance from Belle Isle to Sunset Harbor or Lincoln Road. Given the outrageous sense of superiority and entitlement that the gas guzzling suburban majority feels, I don’t think this sort of protest to hammer in a much needed public awareness is out of place at all. As Miami tries to make the transition from a geriatric backwater and resort town to a a real city, it is a fact of life that cars will have to make room for healthier modes of transport favored by the youth.

  3. Sally is absolutely correct. The Critical Masse initiative is a deliberate provocation. It simply escalates an ever more dangerous animosity between motorists and cyclists – who many motorists view as in fact the ones who suffer from an “outrageous sense of superiority and entitlement”. Cyclists do not help themselves: They commonly ignore stop lights and stop signs, ride on pedestrian sidewalks, ride two or more abreast blocking the roadway for motorists (whose vehicles obviously go faster than theirs do), frequently cannot be seen at night because they do not have lights, and make little or no attempt to indicate their turning. In short, they all too often show no consideration for anybody except themselves and consider themselves as bound by no rules other than their own. If cyclists showed pedestrians and motorists the same respect they demand for themselves we would all be safer and Miami’s motorists would gradually learn also to be more tolerant.

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