Tonight’s the night Venetian toll booth converts to SunPass

Starting tonight at 10 p.m., the Venetian toll booths (and the Rickenbacker) finally convert to no-cash, Sun Pass-only tolls.

If you don’t have a Sun Pass, you’ll be charged toll-by-plate for passing through the plaza.

The change has been planned for more than two years, and delayed several times.

Venetian Island residents who pay $24 a year for C-Pass are required to have a Sun Pass and provide the Miami-Dade Causeways Division with their Sun Pass number so it can be activated for Venetian use. Otherwise, they will be charged the usual toll.


10 responses to “Tonight’s the night Venetian toll booth converts to SunPass

  1. I am a resident on Belle Isle, Venetian Cswy. not a home owner. I do not have a Sun Pass, never have. So, tell me ….what is the difference between the two choices, how long do they last…why are there two choices. The info here is extremely vague for me…..please explain, thank you.

    • You do need to buy a Sun Pass, but if you take it an proof you live on Belle Isle (electric bill, a lease) and pay a $90 fee, you’ll be able to cross the causeway all year and not be charged a toll. Property owners are charged a $24 administrative fee.

      • and….if I don’t pay the $90 fee??? Please answer my original questions. Not to be redundant…I am not familiar with Sun Pass.

      • and……WHY would I buy a Sun Pass , take utility bill ..etc and spend $ 90.
        Call me stupid ….but this does not make sense….HELP!

  2. two choices of a Sun Pass is what I referred to in my original comment, advantage….transformer,??? how long does a Sun Pass last? I am not familiar with them…as I said before.

  3. If you don’t pay the fee, you will be charged $1.75 on your Sun Pass each time you go through the toll. Or you will be charged by plate (you’ll get a bill in the mail) with an additional surcharge.

  4. 1. What us pay by plate surcharge?

    2. To clarify, the only cost to property owners who apply for Sun Pass is $90/year for unlimited passages?

    Thank you

    • Venetian Island property owners only pay $24, and yes, then there is no toll charge. Pay by plate is 50 cents additional for each trip, plus a $2.25 monthly fee.

    • I have never been able to understand this blog concerning the new toll costs!
      Is this correct $24.00 per year …plus Sun Pass for RESIDENTS?
      HOME OWNERS pay $90.00 per year…no Sun Pass needed?
      Non-Residents will pay a toll charge each time passing through.
      What is the exact toll charge?

      • I’ll try to be clear, because this isn’t difficult.

        You have to own and use a SunPass device, or you are billed toll=by-plate, no matter where you live or own property.

        If you have a SunPass (you can pick one up in the checkout line at Publix), and you are a property owner on one of the islands, you provide documentation to the Miami-Dade Causeway Division and pay $24 a year and you are not billed each time you go through the toll booth.

        If you rent or work on one of the islands and you have a SunPass, you provide the county with documention of that and pay $90 annually and you are not billed each time you pass through the toll.

        The causeway toll for people who do not live or work on the islands is $1.75 a trip using SunPass, and $2.25 a trip toll-by-plate.

        If you still don’t follow this,

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