You may not want to see the rat on Belle Isle

Mrs. Blog and I have been arguing all afternoon about this post.

Belle Isle rat

Belle Isle rat

There’s a big dead rat on the pink sidewalk in front of Costa Brava and Belle Towers — really, right on the border between the two properties.

It’s big, gross and dead. Too gross to post? Certainly too intimidating to put up or clean up. Who’s responsibility is this? The city? Animal Services?

You may not want to enlarge this photo. If you do, be prepared.




6 responses to “You may not want to see the rat on Belle Isle

  1. I’ve been seeing more rats over the last few months late at night in the dog park when I walk my dog.

    Do we have animal services in Miami Beach? If so I would try them first. Good luck!

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  2. The city will remove dead animals. If I remember correctly it is the Sanitation Dept. that has to be informed.


    OK folks, don’t worry about the dead rat. I was tired of seeing it and smelling it every time I walked my dog. I picked it up and disposed of it. Belle Isle is now dead rat free!!!! Tito Medina from Costa Brava

  4. Can you post about the parking/code enforcement ticketing movers/delivery trucks that are parked in the commercial areas? They are ticketing them-the cut outs are not large enough nor are there sufficient for the number of buildings-only two, one in front of 9 island and the second smaller one in front of 11 island.

    The residents complained about how the park, parking was designed before it was built the preference at the time was for 1 way traffic which would have allowed for more parking.

    It’s a problem when you have UPS, FedEx, garbage trucks, moving/delivery trucks AND the lunch trucks for the workers double parking. You can’t see coming out of the driveways.

    Maybe 1 pull in parking space on the park side per building will help alleviate at least the moving trucks (the space would have to be bumped into the park area).

    Meanwhile, movers and delivery trucks have a big problem. Thanks! Nellie Barrios

  5. Can anyone please post about the LEAF-BLOWER NOISE frequently polluting our neighborhood? It is absurd to live in a neighborhood that abhors “boisterous” activity, while the leaf blowers make a mockery of Hell’s Angels with their infinitely annoying noise. I can’t possibly be the only one who is bothered by it …

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