Miami Beach to unveil phone app for parking next week

The city of Miami Beach is finally replacing the failed iPark system with a smartphone parking app that will allow residents to pay at metered spaces and in city garages at a substantial discount.

The free test period starts Monday, May 12, and continues until May 25. During the time, transaction fees for the app, called ParkMobile, will be waived. You can download it to your iPhone or Android for free.

Once downloaded, program the app with your Miami Beach address and a credit card for payment. When the trial period ends, Miami Beach residents who register the app with the city of Miami Beach parking department will get a 43 percent discount if they use the app, paying $1 an hour instead of $1.75 hourly.

ParkMobile is similar to Pay-by-Phone, the parking app used by the city of Miami and Coral Gables and South Miami.  Looks while we’ll need two parking apps as we travel and park in different cities.

The app replaces the white iPark devices the city made available to Beach residents. Those devices, which were battery powered, failed, as did the company behind them.




5 responses to “Miami Beach to unveil phone app for parking next week

  1. There are rumors that during the test period the parking is free. 3 Island residents got this information from the management office. But the app provider is only waiving the transaction fee. In addition to receive the discounted resident rate you need to be registered by the City. See link

  2. While setting up my information in the app it never asked for my address, how will I recieve a discount for being a Miami Beach resident?

    • You need to go to the city parking department near City Hall with proof of residency (driver license, car registration, light bill, etc…) and they will set that up.

  3. Colleen Murillo

    I used it today and did not receive the discount. Are they behind schedule?

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