Beach commissioners ask Miami-Dade to restore Belle Isle bus service, hours

Miami Beach commissioners unanimously approved resolutions urging improvements in bus service to Belle Isle and the Venetian islands in the wake of cutbacks put in place last month by Miami-Dade Transit.

The cutbacks were triggered by new weight limits on Venetian bridges because of structural weaknesses. But Miami-Dade began using lighter buses on a more limited scheduile this week. Venetian Way residents want a full schedule restored. The commission resolution asked for service between 6:30 a.m. and midnight.

City commissioners agreed at their meeting Wednesday. Commissioners Michael Grieco proposed a resolution that the county resume its normal schedule for the Route A bus, which links Miami and Miami Beach, and it passed unanimously.

Commissioners also unanimously approved a resolution asking the county to ensure easy, practical, and reliable public transportation from Belle Isle to all South Beach destinations. Belle Isle resident Barbara Cowen, who led a petition drive in the wake of the reduced bus service, pushed for the resolution.

Mayor Philip Levine instructed the city’s transportation department to pursue bringing trolley service to Belle Isle.

Stay tuned.


One response to “Beach commissioners ask Miami-Dade to restore Belle Isle bus service, hours

  1. jaleh samway bast

    hi. we live on rivo alto island and have for almost 16 years. i, like many, am just dreading the closing of the west end bridge. just a thought…if i recall correctly, about 15 years ago the east bridge had major work done. and, i think they built a temporary bridge jutting out to the side so that traffic could still move in the east bound direction. not sure if that’s a possibility for the upcoming west bridge repairs that could still allow traffic to flow west bound. hmmmm. i’m sure we all expect delays, but i seriously worry for the extra burden that will be placed on the already-congested-and-with-issue MacArthur causeway, and for the Julia Tuttle as well. just a thought. jaleh samway bast

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