Another Venetian curiosity: Ruby Foo’s on the Causeway

We think Rub Foo's closed back in the 1960s.

We think Ruby Foo’s closed back in the 1960s.

We know Ruby Foo’s — the Times Square Chinese restaurant and sushi bar at 49th and Broadway. It’s a Midtown landmark.

The matchbook cover.

The matchbook cover.

But only recently did we learn that there used to be a Ruby Foo on the Beach — right off the Venetian Causeway, where it meets Dade Boulevard east of  Belle Isle.

First, Nine Island resident Josh Fisher turned up the old black and white photo. And then we found this matchbook cover on eBay — with the old style phone number without area code and location — at Miami Beach and the Venetian Causeway.

According to historian Seth Bramson’s 2005 book, Miami Beach, Ruby Foo’s “was a favorite for Chinese food before Thai, Indian and Vietnamese became popular. Some Beachites vaguely recall the eatery relocating to 41st Street, but in any location it is a happy memory….’


4 responses to “Another Venetian curiosity: Ruby Foo’s on the Causeway

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  2. We moved to Miami Beach in 1959 and lived in a rented house on Rivo Alto. We don’t remember there being a restaurant by the name of Ruby Foo’s. At that time, the phone exchange was JE1-0368, for example, not 5-0368. The above photo must be of a 40’s

  3. Ruby foo’s closed around 1943, It became Ira’s Eating House (owned by Ira Levy), then renamed by him in November of 1943 as the Monte Carlo. Murray Weinger purchased the Monte Carlo in 1944 and reopened it as the Copa Cabana in Dec. of 1944.

    After a fire destroyed the restaurant and club in the early hours of June 7, 1948, Weinger commissions Norman Bel Geddes to design a new club, to be named “Copa City”. It opens Dec. 23, 1948.

    Copa City has a checkered life span, and the building is used under various names from then on.

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