After much talk, Miami Beach Planning Board delays decision on 600 Alton Road

The Miami Beach Planning Board heard  developer Russell Galbut’s plans for his 600 Alton Road residential and retail project (and residents dissection of it) for nearly four hours Tuesday before postponing a final decision on the 444-apartment complex until its April 3 meeting.

“We all agreed that much more time would be needed to hear the board member’s views on the project and then discuss them,” board member Charles Urstadt said after the meeting. “So, the board voted to continue the application to to next meeting (April 3) in order to give the other applicants” on Tuesday’s agenda a chance to have their applications heard.
Several other items were deferred as well, including a controversial proposal to reduce parking requirements at hotels and rules for mechanical parking garages.
In regard to 600 Alton Road, there was a lot to talk about — potential problems with 1073 parking spaces underground in one of Miami Beach’s most flood-prone neighborhoods, how traffic will move through an already congested area, how late to allow restaurants and bars to stay open along residential West Avenue, the possibility of a bar on the rooftop for residents  and more.

The discussion went on from about 4:30 p.m. to nearly 8 p.m., and was tweeted live by The Miami Herald’s Christina Veiga.

In general, the project got a favorable review, with some rough spots. The city planning staff report recommended its approval, with myriad conditions. In Tuesday’s meeting, much of discussion involved the developer’s concerns with the staff report — as well as several areas where residents and the board wanted more information.

But first, here are some vital features and stats on the huge project, which includes property between Alton Road and West Avenue between Fifth and Seventh streets:

— It calls for 60,000 square feet of retail and restaurant uses on the ground floor, 444 apartments, 1,073 parking spaces below ground.

— A new seven-story building will be constructed on the 500 block of Alton Road, and a five-story building on the 600 block.

— The dilapidated South Shore Hospital building, 10 stories, would be rehabbed and included in the project.

— The 60,000 square feet of retail and commercial space on the ground level allow pedestrians to walk open air through the base of the project. Outdoor restaurants on West Avenue side would have to close by midnight.

If the project clears the Planning Board, it would next be reviewed by the Design Review Board.


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  1. Does anyone know why the street lights onn Venetian causeway. Have been out for so long?

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