West Avenue neighborhood fights liquor license sought by Bikini Hostel

On its website, Bikini Hostel sells skin.

On its website, Bikini Hostel sells skin.

You may not know it, but there’s a youth hostel down the street on West Avenue with a name you might expect more for a soft-core movie than a lodging residence: Bikini Hostel.

If it sounds a little scandalous, here’s a snippet from the About section of the Bikini Hostel website:

Party! Party! Party! You will be able to party all night long and then sleep any time in quiet and comfort…Staying at the Bikini Hostel Resort, you are across the street from the intra-coastal water way views of Miami Beach—tropical palm tree islands, downtown Miami— nightly lit up skyline and the weekend DJ pool parties at the Mondrian Hotel – where the hottest beautiful bodies groove to the sexiest music and play in the sun all day long!

Well, then.

The Bikini Hostel is comprised of an apartment building at 1247 West Ave., and two adjacent homes, at 1255 West Ave and 1234 13 St.

More from bikinihostel.com

More from bikinihostel.com

The West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association isn’t exactly thrilled to have the hostel in their hood. And even less thrilled with the prospect of the place getting a liquor license.  What to do?

They are petitioning to block the request. The petition says, in part:

The Bikini Hostel is a nuisance as it is but adding a license to alcohol will only make it worse. The hostel is incompatible with this highly residential and stable community. We oppose the Bikini Hostel’s application for a liquor license.

Of course, there are several places to buy beer, wine or hard liquor near the hostel — certainly within a three block walk.


6 responses to “West Avenue neighborhood fights liquor license sought by Bikini Hostel

  1. I know a 30 something year old beautiful girl who was staying at the Hostel until she was recently asked to leave because they wanted only young students to use the facility. My only assumption would be that they wanted to focus the clientele on young, good looking students to change the lifestyle of the Hostel.
    I don’t believe this living situation would be good in any “off campus” residential area. Remember the movie ANIMAL HOUSE??

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  3. I live a block away and they always park over the sidewalks, making it impossible to get by without having to walk in the street. Has anyone else noticed how much extra trash is accumulating since they opened their doors? I can only imagine the amount of bacteria in that disgusting hottub they have…more like the Scabies Hostel.

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  5. this place should be shut down. I lived next door at 1245 west avenue from 2011 – 2013 and dealt with all of this nonsense.

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