Looking into 2013: What’s coming to Belle Isle, the Venetian islands, Sunset Harbour and West Avenue

As we cross into 2013, it’s a good time to recap the major neighborhood issues of 2012 and what to expect in 2013.

In 2012, we survived the trauma of Venetian Causeway construction, frequent flooding in Sunset Harbour and and along West Avenue and Alton Road, sidewalks lost to work on the new parking garage and shops and the new bikeway along the Collins Canal.

We saw Miami Beach and the Florida Department of Transportation push forward plans for a bridge over the canal at West Avenue.

Our culinary options expanded with the rise of the Pubbelly empire on Sunset Harbour. We’ll have PB Steak in mid-January 2013.

And what else will the new year bring?

New road projects that will create short-term inconvenience, and hopefully long-term benefit. More development pressure. And discussion of how to resolve the flooding headaches caused by rising sea level. Some key issues:

Location of drainage construction corridors.

Location of drainage construction corridors.

Alton Road Construction. The city of Miami Beach will take on a major road improvement and drainage project, starting in April, along Alton Road. The work will extend from Fifth Street to Michigan Avenue, working from south to north, and it’s expected to last two-and-one-half years.

The $27.5 million project will include the installation of a new drainage system, with new pumping stations at Fifth, 10th and 14th streets. It also will include new signage, stoplights and street lights. There will be road closings and detours for the pumping stations (on 10th and 14th streets) and the diversion of traffic to West Avenue.

— Streetscape on Venetian Isles. Work will begin on the long-awaited streetscape project that will bring new landscaping, lighting, sidewalks and drainage to Rivo Alton, DiLido and San Marino Islands. It should have little impact on Venetian Way, and will greatly prettify the islands themselves.

The Sunset Harbour boom. We’ve only seen two stores open in Sunset Harbour shops, but in the first quarter of 2013, we’ll see more stores and restaurants and the area turning into an even more attractive destination. How will it accommodate the traffic? And what happens when the streets flood. It’s great to see all the activity, but a little worrisome at the same time.

Sunpass on the Venetian. By May 2013, the Venetian Causeway toll system is supposed to switch to Sunpass, though the county is far behind schedule in converting the Rickenbacker Causeway away from C-Pass and there’s been slippage for the Venetian as well. Many worry the change will encourage more traffic on the Venetian. We’ll keep you posted on the timeline for this change.

Rendering of proposed rental/retail at South Shore.

Rendering of proposed rental/retail at South Shore.

West Avenue development. There are a number of important development proposals on the table for 2013 on West Avenue: a renovation of Southgate Towers, including a 200-seat restaurant; replacing the old South Shore Hospital with a rental project with street-level retail, and a Marriott Residence Inn north 17th Street off Alton Road. There’s a Jan. 15 presentation on the South Shore Hospital plan.



6 responses to “Looking into 2013: What’s coming to Belle Isle, the Venetian islands, Sunset Harbour and West Avenue

  1. I would like to see articles about Belle Isle Park,so far we have lost 2 trees and are in the verge of loosing a third do to neglect from the City of Miami Beach.I have notified them about a tree leaning badly and needs to be braced,I even talked to the person that is in charge and nothing has been done to brace the tree.The same thing happened before and all they did was get rid of a beautifull blooming tree and leave a hole in the ground.Also the vegetation on the dog parks next to the fence is gone and has not been replaced.

  2. Fortunately this area, and the rest of So Beach are on my sin list.

  3. FedUpWithNoiseDirtAndDisruptionOfConstantConstruction

    What a pretty (continuing) picture this paints! Someone, please, just shoot me now.

  4. It’s really nice when you share photos of the areas you talk about in the blog. Helps us visualize where on the Venetian you are talking about.
    —–Dale (Thanks; we enjoy the blog).

  5. It used to be nice around this area .Now we have the Dade Blvd Berlin wall with no pavement years before you were able to walk never saw a flood in 51 yrs .Now you can fall by the Berlin Wall an pray someone saw you fall .Miami Beach politics needs a lobotomy quick

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