DecoBikes says service is improving; outages limited to six stations

DecoBikes says it has limited the service outages to just six stations on the 100-plus station bicycle sharing network on Miami Beach.

Since early this week, wireless connection from have made it difficult for DecoBikes customers to check out and return bicycles. Twice this week, DecoBikes recommended that customers who depend on the service for transportation temporarily find other ways to get around.

But the news is better on Friday evening. In an email, DecoBikes reports:

“At this time service has been restored to most stations except for the following few:

124 – Lennox & 6th St.
149 – Meridian & 17th St.
208 – 35th St. & Collins
306 – 69th St. & Collins
317 – Hawthorne Ave & Crespi
401 – 93rd St. & Collins

If you do encounter a station that says “Reporting to Bike Server” or “No Service” please send us an email with the station number (at the top of each station on the sides) and the approximate date and time that you saw the message. The best email to report an issue with the system is:  This is also the best email to report a billing issue to if you incurred one.”


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