Miami Beach activists start forum series on Thursday

Miami Beach United, the activist group launched last year, starts a series of presentations on what makes a city great with with a forum Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the Miami Beach Public Library, 22nd Street and Collins Avenue.

The first forum focuses on street design, and how to coordinate cars and bicycles. The speakers include Belle Isle Residents Association president Scott Diffenderfer, Lower North Bay Road Homeowners Association president Mike Hammon, architect and community activist Mihaly Lenart, and city of Miami Beach traffic coordinator Jose Gonzalez.

On Nov. 20 at 6 p.m., architect and urban planner Jaime Correa will present on sustainable development at Miami Beach Golf Club.


4 responses to “Miami Beach activists start forum series on Thursday


    Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it active; and stay involved.

  2. I’ve got an idea — keep the belching, too big to make the turns too big for the roads buses on a sane route and off the small streets. What are they doing on Belle Isle and Sunset Harbor neighborhoods? This is one are that has capacity foot traffic and bike traffic — then these big empty belching loud speeding buses. Plus, people don’t get on the Local because it takes such circuitous, unpredictable routes. It should be a simple loop. Some squeaky wheel on Belle Isle doesn’t want to walk 4 blocks to the supermarket so we have these things where they shouldn’t be. And I think that we all know this is true, no? Let’s call the experiment a mistake.

  3. I’ve got another idea: Foot/bike bridge over the canal near where Purdy goes into it so that bike and foot traffic can come across the Venetian or from Sunset neighborhood and connect with Lincoln Rd. and points south.

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