Kardashians dissed by DiLido, dashed by North Bay Road homeowners

Kim, Kourtney and kids at Miami Children’s Museum

You may see Kim and Kourtney Kardashian playing on Miami Beach in the new season of their reality show, but they won’t be living here.

Their efforts to get homeowner approval in three Beach neighborhoods were dashed (sorry!) — on the Sunset Islands, DiLido Island and on North Bay Road, according to Raul Gonzalez of Miami Beach’s Office of Film and Print.

In each case, they needed signatures from the immediate neighbors of the home they wanted to use for three months of non-stop filming, and well as support from 90 percent of homeowners within 500 feet. Residents complained the film crews and paparazzi would disrupt their quiet neighborhoods.

So, where will Kim and Kourtney be? “They found a place  in a gated community in North Miami Beach,” just north of Oleta River State Park, Gonzalez said.

And filming has begun. Only Wednesday, Kim and Kourtney and Kourtney’s two children, Mason and Penelope, visited the Wizard of Oz interactive exhibit at the Miami Children’s museum.

10 responses to “Kardashians dissed by DiLido, dashed by North Bay Road homeowners

  1. there a lovely ‘lil house on the west end of espanola……

  2. They should go wherever they want to.
    It might be good for the neighbors to have a little excitement.

  3. The beach is so exclusive not even they get there way.

  4. They should fit right in this vacuous area of wanna be’s who contribute nothing of substance or common sense.

    • that’s funny… normally I’d agree but one has to admit that we cannot call them ‘wanna be’s’. in fact, there is quite a bit of intelligence and substance at work.

  5. what? no one wants the American Gypsies in their ‘hood?

  6. If you go to Webster’s dictionary and look up TRAILER TRASH there’s a photo of the Kardashian Family

  7. they’ll be living in Eastern Shores

  8. Ryan Seacrest should be waterboarded for producing this show.

  9. I renamed their televised, hour-long exercise in bad taste “Keep AWAY From the Kardashians”. Who would want a neighbor who is known for making embarrassing amateur porn with Ray Jay while suffering from a case of Jungle Fever that is so severe it is more like a case of Ebola? She reminds me of when O.J. Simpson rolled into town and was blackballed (no pun intended) from every respectable country club or golf course in Miami-Dade County. I lived at 11 Island Avenue on Belle Island for quite some time and can confirm that the Venetian Causeway Commandos wouldn’t put up with Kardashian Chaos or Crap for a minute. Maybe they should try “Kim and Kourtney Take Kendall Drive”…

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