Police, Venetian Isles Association warn homeowners of burglaries

There have been three home burglaries in the Venetian Islands in the last two weeks, and the leaders of the Venetian Island Homeowner Association are warning residents on how to protect their homes.

Police believe some of the burglaries were done by high-end jewel thieves The Miami Herald wrote about this week, led by two men who drove a Porsche SUV and traveled with children to fit as they cased houses on the Venetian Islands as well as homes on Star and Palm Island and the Sunset Islands.

In a letter to homeowners, association officer Paula Faisal Jimenez told of three incidents (she said robberies, but they were burglaries) during the week of Sept. 10.

Dear Neighbors,

Last week the Venetian Home Owners Association was informed of 3 robberies that happened in our islands during the week of September 10th. The association’s President, Jürgen Brendeland other members contacted the police department and city commissioners to bring their attention to the matter and to ask for some solution to the increment on criminal activity in the area.

Police and city commissioners responded immediately and on that same week members of the Home Owners Association and them where able to meet and discus some ideas and strategies to increase security on the islands and add police presence. Some of these are:

• To provide long-term, stable police coverage for our islands.
• To have Captain Doce and a team of six Sergeants accountable for overseeing an on-going police presence in the areas of Venetian, Purdy, Sunsets and West Avenue.
• To post new Crime Watch signs along the Causeway.
• To install LPR cameras on the Causeway in the near future.

We are confident that all of these factors will hopefully help to deter future crime in the area.

We kindly remind you to please make sure you lock doors and windows when you leave your home, use your alarm system if you have one and report any suspicious activity to the non emergency police Number 305-373-7776.


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