Sunset Harbour garage is open for parking

Rendering of the Shops at Sunset Harbour.

Rates at the Sunset Harbour garage start at $1 an hour

Some construction projects seem to take forever — some, but not all.

The new city of Miami Beach parking garage at Sunset Harbour quietly opened this week ($1 an hour up to six hours), and work moves forward on the ground level retail spaces that will house Ice Box Cafe, Panther Coffee and other attractions.

The garage, designed by Architectonica, has 450 spaces and 30,000 square feet of retail on the sidewalk level.

It should make access a heck of a lot easier for one of Miami Beach’s hottest neighborhoods.

4 responses to “Sunset Harbour garage is open for parking

  1. YEAH!!!

    Will make going to Green Monkey a lot easier!

    RU on list for these updates?

  2. Lets just rename it ‘Auto Exhaust Harbor’ because that’s all you’ll smell there now

  3. Who knew parking garages could be beautiful? It appears MB is becoming– it it isn’t already– the world’s showcase of cutting edge parking garages. That’s something, right?

  4. Great looking garage. Very nice!

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