Venetian Causeway completion timetable slides to October

Five weeks ago, we reported that Miami-Dade County hoped to finish the Venetian Causeway construction project by mid-September.

The county now says the likely completion date is late October.

Why more delay in a project already nine months behind schedule?

Tropical Storm (and later hurricane) Isaac brought work to a halt. There were more suprises with underground utilities. We’ll let Miami-Dade spokeswoman Gayle Love give details:

“The Contractor has experienced further weather-related delays, as well as delays caused by the installation of the outfalls on Rivo Alto and San Marco, where unforeseen conflicts found during excavation led to the redesign of the configuration for the outfalls.  Additional delays were experienced during coordination with the City of Miami Beach for the connection of the irrigation meters to the water distribution lines in Belle Island, Rivo Alto, Di Lido and San Marino.”

Remember that workers spent days clearing equipment and debris just before Isaac moved through. Then Miami Beach Public Works had to deal with the water main break on Belle Isle on Venetian Way just west of Island Avenue.

Of course, once the main causeway work is done, construction will continue on the individual islands. And the city of Miami is building a storm-water pump stations and piping on San Marco Island, and Miami-Dade Water and Sewer is installing water mains on Biscayne Island.

Seems like it never ends.

12 responses to “Venetian Causeway completion timetable slides to October

  1. I Live on DiLido Island and I can tell you that in the past two years since the work started there has been more days of idle than workdays. I do not who is running this project but one thing I know there is poor supervision and a total lack of planning. The roads have been worked on and broken apart several times in the same street and even the same area. The traffic disruptions and inconveniences are beyond reasonable.
    Just terrible management!

  2. This is always the case with govermental construction projects. Cost overruns and blown completion dates always happen because of the lack of accountability from the contractors due to poorly written contracts by a bunch of incompetent govermental beaurocrats who have way to much job security. How about a new concept of firing these incompetents when they cost the taxpayers miilions in addtional unecessary expense and major inconvenience. Gee, you think that may help get these projects done in the timeframe and budget they were originally expected to be finished?

  3. It is pathetic but not new to see the Miami-Dade spokeswoman Gayle Love giving lies and excuses. I drive through the islands daily for several years now and see the work being at halt or the workers are chatting. the police makes good money doing nothing there and the whole project is designed to suck out the tax money. The Government of Miami is lying as always. Yes they do. The road has no worker going there for days at a time.

  4. When you look at the tunnel project from a real company bouygues In time and never a mess or hardly a traffic issues you wander why the county or city officials keep hiring these Mickey mouse companies . Yes we live in a great city called banana republic

  5. why do we always find ourselves complaining! seems like that is our best quality. nobody benefits from project overruns or blown completion dates. after speaking with the project personnel you find out that this project has been built with little or no knowledge of what was underneath the roadway. we complained so much about the flooding, that the municipalities took action. now we dont like the process! please learn to be positive and leave the negativity behind, together we can make a better place.

  6. Venetian Causeway Property OWNERS P L E A S E!!!!! Cut The BS!!! When you have a contract without a “Performace Bond”, It allows for “Cost Overuns” asin More Money For The Contractor!!! .. Money Talks!!!! WE PAY!!! Get With The PROGRAM PEOPLE, Venetian Causeway Property OWNERS PLEASE COMPLAIN!!!!! COMPLAIN!!!! COMPLAIN!!! SPEAK UP!!! CALL 311 NOW!!!! Do You REMEMBER THE TAXES WE PAY!!! OH Yeah Remember The TAXES!!! Did WE The residents GET A BREAK!!! No! WE GOT BENT OVER!!!! And, All this construction has brought a TREMENDOUS AMOUT of CRIME & Burglaries!!!!! Missing Something????? Yeah!! Venetian Causeway Property OWNERS COMPLAIN MORE NOW!!!! Oh Yeah Got a Flat Tire!! Or A BENT RIM!!

  7. Our small HOA (San Marco Homeowners Group) was responsible for procuring the new drain & pump system for San Marco Island. It took over a year to convince the City of Miami and the County to work with us. None of the other local HOAs wanted to join us, so we’re the only island on the causeway with a new, state-of-the-art, twin turbine pump station. Without Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff’s support and leadership, it would have never happened. The County contractor has had a lot of problems since they started work on the causeway. We met with County Commissioner Edmonson & top County Public Works staff on many occasions to discuss the contractor’s negligence and failure to maintain deadlines. Our island project is now managed by the City of Miami. The County project, which is the work underway on Venetian Way, is very poorly managed by both County and contractor.

  8. I travel the Venetian causeway on a Vespa several times a week back and forth from Brickell to South Beach. I am forever mystified at the work calendar of road projects here in Miami Beach/Miami. HOW LONG DOES IT REALLY TAKE TO SMOOTH OUT THE CROSSWALKS SO THE RIDE IS NOT BUMPY AND YOU DON’T HAVE SLOW DOWN FOR EVERY CROSSWALK! Coming from NYC I am accustomed to seeing projects completed in a timely manner … I guess its a function of quality of labor, caliber of roadway companies, penalties for exceeding estimated completion dates, etc. I see the previous posts explaining the 9-10 month delays … forgive me for laughing. Shouldn’t the posts rather editorialize about job security for these laborers instead of the BS reasons for these delays. I have friends in roadway construction that also feel its is a disgrace. Surprisingly though more often than not when I travel the Causeway I see a skeleton crew or no one at all (my travel time typically being10am -1pm). I know we live in the Banana Republic of Miami with its 3rd world flavor and corrupt politicos … maybe if the road had to be closed and toll monies ceased, the schedule for completion would miraculously be accelerated … given the greedy municipal network that exists here. Miami Beach/Miami could be a wonderful place if it was only run by competent parties who want to elevate the stature of the area like other metro areas in the country. How we leave the 3rd world mentality and get there … time will tell. Hopefully it will eventually happen!

  9. How rich, that someone who drives a scooter is also the authority on urban planning and road construction. One would think that, due to the inherent dangers, someone with “friends in road construction” would be well advised not to drive a scooter on the streets of Miami, at all. Moreover, from the sounds of it, i.e. the bitter reaction to having to pay tolls, this is likely one of the numerous scooter-drivers who do level their best, by way of a range of subversive tactics to evade tolls while crossing the Venetian, such as by placing their hand over their license plate, or by driving around the toll booth by way of the sidewalk. Hey, next time, do those of us who actually live on the Venetian a favor, and drive your scooter over the MacArthur. That would, without a doubt, be a noticeable improvement, that would help make Venetian Islands a more “wonderful place.”

  10. Forgive me laughing once again at the context of my responsive blog pillock (bluer) who apparently feels the sub par roadway conditions/quality of road construction that exists here in Miami is by all means satisfactory … I guess in comparison to other 3rd world destinations, they are superior lol. Furthermore I much prefer the Venetian Causeway to the MacArthur and and never even think twice about the toll fee in contrast to the assumptive allegation of my fellow blog nit. I happen to have several friends who live on Dilido, San Marino and Rivo Alto who also share my dissatisfaction/sentiment as they are exposed to these conditions far more than I. Forgive me for not taking my 1967 Gulf Blue Porsche 912 over the Venetian terrain, as I would most certainly require undercarriage repairs as result. Anyway the intent of my original post was to bring attention to the shortcomings of this roadway project so perhaps things might improve on a more timely basis for ALL Miamians not just Venetian Isle residents!

  11. It’s a public road, public project. There are performance bonds in effect with Miami-Dade County.

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