Sunset Harbour water main fixed, but another main breaks on Rivo Alto; boil water order in place for six Miami Beach addresses

The city of Miami Beach fixed the busted water main that flooded Sunset Harbour at about 8 p.m. tonight, and issued a boil water order for six nearby buildings.

Meanwhile, a small main burst on Rivo Alto Island, disrupting water service to homeowners. The city believes the other main break may have contributed to the Rivo Alto break.

At the moment, there is a boil water order at the following addresses, according to city spokeswoman Nannette Rodriguez:

— 1701 Purdy Avenue

— 1771  West Avenue

–1333 Dade Blvd.

–1800 Alton Rd.

–1828 Alton Rd.

— 1840 Alton Rd.

— 1850 Alton Rd.

The Sunset Harbour condominiums and the Venetian Isles, including Belle Isle, are not part of the boil water order. But the break on Rivo Alto may change that.

When the water main broke early Saturday, it flooded Sunset Harbour and the bridge to Belle Isle.

Here is the city’s latest update:


Saturday, August 25, 2012, 8:00 p.m.

Full water service has been restored to Miami Beach neighborhoods serviced by the 20-inch water main that broke and caused some street flooding on Purdy Avenue. At around 9 a.m. this morning, Miami Beach Public Works responded to a water main break at Purdy Avenue, near Dade Boulevard, in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood. Repairs took longer than expected due to weather conditions.

A four-inch diameter hole and an eight-foot crack was found on the bottom side of a 20-inch transmission water main.

Residents in the general South Beach area experienced low water pressure during most of the day.

A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued to the following affected addresses:

1701 Purdy Avenue, 1771  West Avenue, 1333 Dade Blvd, 1800 Alton Rd, 1828 Alton Road, 1840 Alton Road and 1850 Alton Road.

A small water break has just been discovered at 320 West Rivo Alto, Venetian Island, which may have been caused by an effect when the 20-inch line broke at Purdy Avenue. Water on the island may have to be shut off temporarily. Crews on the scene. More later.


2 responses to “Sunset Harbour water main fixed, but another main breaks on Rivo Alto; boil water order in place for six Miami Beach addresses

  1. Thank you for the constant updates. I couldn’t find any updates on other sites besides this one. I’m glad the city was able to get everything repaired in time for the upcoming rains. It’s amazing how much I missed something as simple as water! Really puts things in perspective. I hope The Belle Isle Blog is able to keep pressure on the city to clean up the streets now. There is sand/dirt/debris all over. Im sure it’s a priority but please use your influence if it stays around past this storm.

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