With Venetian Causeway delays, island streetscape project falls behind

The delays in completing the Venetian Causeway construction project — now expected to be done at the end of July — mean that work on sidewalk, lighting and landscaping upgrades on the Venetian Isles won’t be begin until about November, according to the city of Miami Beach.

The causeway reconstruction project, which includes wider sidewalks, drainage, lighting and crosswalks on the historic route between Miami and Miami Beach, is about seven months behind schedule due to an array of construction problems, ranging from rain delays to difficulties with underground utilities.

The original budget for the Streetscape project for Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino isles was $7.8 million. But moving underground water and sewer lines to make way for the Venetian work cost the city about $1 million.

Right now, the county expects to complete the work on the Venetian by the end of July. The city of Miami Beach is planning to invite bids on the island streetscape work on June 1, said Fernando Vazquez, Miami Beach’s director of capital improvements.

Typically, that is a 45-60 day process. If all goes well, the city would follow up with notices to proceed, and work could start sometime around November, Vazquez told homeowners at a meeting last week.

The capital improvement department will ask for another $1 million during the city’s capital improvement budgeting process, which happens in July.

At a meeting with Venetian Causeway Homeowner Association members, Vazquez said he will let VIHA members know when the City Commission meets on the capital money so they can urge that commissioners approve the additional funds.

7 responses to “With Venetian Causeway delays, island streetscape project falls behind

  1. The current state of that road is a disaster with those elevated pedestrian crossings that were not properly installed. Does anyone know whether that will be fixed as part of the final project? Right now it is a noghtmare to drive over those crossings.

  2. I went on the Venetian today and was shocked at how high the toll is. And now we learn that there is a shortfall in funds?

  3. The crosswalks are installed at the eventual height of the final road surface. The city/county should ask the contractor to slope the road surface to the crosswalks so they are not so jarring.

  4. If for nothing else than the state of the city streets, the city manager should be fired — Oh, he’s already on the way out — and then what about Public Works? Miami Beach streets are wretched construction projects always waiting for another phase. When completed, they will be dug up again.

  5. michaeldefilippi

    As a newer resident of Miami Beach, it’s absolutely shocking to me how poor the infrastructure is here. Sidewalks and roads are horrible even in neighborhoods where properties are selling for 20+ Million dollars (Continuum etc)….has it always been this way? If the city had freshly paved streets and nice consistent sidewalks throughout it would have such an impact on the overall appearance of the city.

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