Miami Beach United’s first act: Pressure on Commissioner Wolfson

Miami Beach United, the new civic organization whose founders include key residents from Belle Isle, are urging Miami Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson to step down from the city commission now — so a replacement can be chosen in a November election.

Wolfson, who has announced he is running for the state House of Representatives seat vacated by Richard Steinberg, could delay his resignation as long as November, The Miami Herald’s David Smiley reports.

The irony is that when former Beach Commissioner Steinberg announced he was running for the Legislature, Wolfson criticized him for delaying his resignation.

Here’s what Miami Beach United said in its press release:

MIAMI BEACH UNITED acknowledges that Commissioner, Jonah Wolfson will be resigning from the Miami Beach City Commission to run for a State Legislative Office. This organization urges Commissioner Wolfson to resign immediately, prior to May 25, to allow the Miami Beach City Commission to pass a resolution to call a Special Election for November 6, 2012. This organization additionally asks the City Commission to appoint a temporary replacement for Commission Seat 4 who will serve until the November 6, 2012 and who will sign a pledge not to run for a Commission seat within the next election cycle.

 FACTS: The deadline for the city commission to pass a resolution for a special election on November 6 is May 25.

If Commissioner Wolfson resigns effective immediately, the City Commission must appoint a replacement no later than 30 days thereafter.

 Qualifying for a State Office is June 4

Miami Beach United agrees that the cost of a special election is appropriate so the people of Miami Beach will have the ability to elect a qualified candidate, rather than having the commission appoint a person who would hold the seat until the next election cycle in 2013.



JANE LOSSON, Vice President

AMY TURKEL, Recording Secretary

SOPHIA SIECZKOWSKI, Corresponding Secretary

SAUL GROSS, Treasurer


HERB FRANK, Director

CHRIS PENA, Director

HERB SOSA, Director



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