Belle Isle mystery sound solved — and silenced

We wrote a couple of months ago about an annoying high-pitched noise that Belle Plaza and Grand Venetian condo residents heard, mostly late at night.

Among the theories:

— It’s vibration from the Port of Miami tunnel project!

— It’s the result of how winds work between Belle Isle high-rise towers!

— A space alien craft is hovering near the coastline!

Miami Beach public works and code enforcement investigated. And now, finally, an answer, according to Grand Venetian resident Herb Frank. And a cure.

Let Herb tell it:

The source of the noise: faulty equipment on the roof of Belle Plaza.

On March 19, 2012, code enforcement officers, Jose Alberto and Ramon Vasallo worked overtime and beyond the call and scope of their duties to search for and discovered that the noise was coming from the roof of the condo.  The building doorman escorted the officers to the roof around 9pm and was able to immediately turn off the fan, which runs intermittently and was not discovered during weekly roof inspections by the building engineer.  A citation was issued and building management has assured code enforcement officers that the fan will be kept off until the new motor they ordered is installed.

The noise had been a mystery for more than two months.  There were continuous complaints to city and county officials from a resident in an adjacent building but the noise either couldn’t be located because of blowing winds or would stop before officials could arrive on the scene.

Phew. We’re taking the tin foil off our ears.


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