Boil water order lifted for Venetian Islands

Miami Beach has lifted the boil water order for Rivo Alto, San Marino, DiLido, Palm and Hibiscus islands.

The decision was announced at noon on Friday. It had been imposed early Wednesday, after a contractor working on Venetian Causeway road construction damaged a water main, causing a loss of service to the islands.

Residents were asked to boil water as a precaution.


2 responses to “Boil water order lifted for Venetian Islands

  1. Debra Leibowitz

    Thanks so much to Belle Isle blog for letting us know about the boil water alert in the first place – we never received notification from the City!

  2. “This years attempt by the Florida legislature to never let a good deed go unpunished is a renewed attack on the 2008 ocean outfall bill that outlaws the archaic practice of dumping 396,000,000 gallons a day of inadequately treated sewage into the coastal waters of southeast Florida.”

    What do people expect when our Miami-Dade Elected Officials and Bureaucrats do this dumping? Magic?

    They plan on doing this dumping into 2025 and beyond.

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