At Belle Isle’s 9 Island, activist battles KW Management

Miami New Times has an interesting item about Fane Lozman, a successful financial software developer with a knack for engaging local governments in escalating battles.


In Riviera Beach, his fight to keep a houseboat has led to a case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. In North Bay Village, he helped lead a populist movement against incumbent city commissioners.

These days, he’s battling KW Property Management at Belle Isle’s Nine Island Avenue, where he lives parttime with his girl friend.

According to the New Times blog Riptide 2.0:

…his 2009 Ducati sport bike disappeared from the garage of the 9 Island Ave. building on Belle Isle. So when he brought up the suspected theft at a condo board meeting later that evening, he alleges employees of KW Property Management & Consulting tried to shut him up and called Miami Beach cops to have him kicked out for trespassing.

In the two months since, 9 Island management has called the cops on him repeatedly. Lozman says he’s being harassed, and wants an apology.

The 9 Island folks ought to know one thing: Lozman, a former Marine, doesn’t back down — or give up.



One response to “At Belle Isle’s 9 Island, activist battles KW Management

  1. Negra Rosencopper

    So why can’t the security cameras see who did it?
    And if you live with your mate, does 9 Island now require you to be married?
    Even if there are guests in the building, don’t they have a resonable expectation that they don’t have their vehicle stolen?

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