Venetian Causeway repaving a nightmare for Belle Isle

Getting on and off our island turned into a 20-30 minute affair Monday and Tuesday as paving crews blocked traffic on the island — first on the eastbound side, then on the westbound side.

At different points Monday and Tuesday, you couldn’t enter Island Avenue from the west, and flag men held back drivers at the easternmost access point so they couldn’t head back to mainland Miami.

We’re told this phase of work could be done as soon as Thursday — though that’s not soon enough if you are coming and going on Belle Isle during the day. Add to it the ongoing work on Rivo Alto, DiLido, San Marino, San Marco and Biscayne islands, it’s a heck of a test of patience.


4 responses to “Venetian Causeway repaving a nightmare for Belle Isle

  1. Stimulus money FTW!!! #fail

  2. As inconvenient as this may be, I will enjoy the newly paved roads.
    And I’m grateful that this is the worst nightmare in MY very fortunate life!

  3. I don’t think this is even the tip of the iceberg. Next up is replacing the Venetian island bridges as well as redoing the roads on each of the islands. This headache is going to last at least another 3 years based on reports.

  4. This has been one of the most poorly managed projects I can remember in Miami – and that’s saying a lot. Thankfully, the offensive ‘BIKE + PED AT OWN RISK’ message on the electronic signs was recently changed. This project has been an epic debacle, with the street lamps plopped in the middle of the sidewalk the icing on the cake. (And we’re not even done net). Sad to think in 2012 we can’t even effectively create clear sidewalks. It’s almost as if we’ve actually become cars because it’s all we seem to be able to consider. The bike + ped improvements on the causeway are mediocre at best and after years of suffering though this miserable project, we deserve better. Daniel is right, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For the time being, causeway residents should be fighting the Sunpass conversion tooth and nail unless they want their island paradise to become just another thoroughfare to Miami Beach at the expense of residents, pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else that think Miami should be a city for people instead of a city for cars.

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