Miami Beach TV adds U-Verse to television options

It’s getting easier to follow what your Miami Beach city government is doing — and there’s plenty going on that affects Belle Isle, the Venetian and the Sunset Harbour areas.

The city announced this week that U-Verse television service from AT&T now carries MBTV (that’s the city public service programming) on Channel 99. Atlantic Broadband already had city government activities on Channel 77. And many city hearings are streamed live at .

Most major meetings are carried live — from the City Commission to the planning, design review and historic preservation boards.

The city gets a lot of criticism, but arranging for this coverage really opens up the process so you can follow decisions that affect you from your home or office.

Still no coverage for Direct TV subscribers, though. Sorry 9 Island!


2 responses to “Miami Beach TV adds U-Verse to television options

  1. I am thrilled that the city is on u-verse! Thank you for your most enjoyable and informative blog.

  2. So far it’s only in Spanish. Ahh!! Need to brush up on my Spanish skills.

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