Miami Beach arrests man suspected in Venetian Isle burglaries

Colon Cortes

Miami Beach police have arrested a man they believe was involved in at least three burglaries on DiLido and San Marino islands.

Jose Javier Colon Cortes, 22, was charged with burglary and grand theft on Feb. 24, according to Pablo Jimenez, Miami Beach Police community resource officer. The arrest is directly linked to three residential burglaries that happened in late 2011 in the 400 block of West DiLido Drive, in the 100 block of DiLido Terrace and in the 200 block of W. San Marino.

There were five burglary incidents on the island in November and December.

In an advisory to the Venetian Islands Homeowner Association, Jimenez said Colon Cortes was stopped on the islands prior to his arrest and interviewed. A wanted flyer with his photo was distributed. “Once he was identified in two of the burglaries, he was seen and detained by a Uniform Patrol Unit in North Beach.”

Jimenez said the stolen property from the burglaries was sold on the streets.

Homeowner Association President Greg Carney said Venetian residents who recognize the photo of Cortes should call Jimenez at 305-673-7776, ext 5314.

Police said Colon Cortes is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 140 pounds, with short wavy hair.


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