Who planned this? New Belle Isle lighting blocks sidewalks

Two people can't pass on Belle Isle's new sidewalks. Why?

As we cope with the reconstruction of roads and sidewalks and lighting on Belle Isle, the other Venetian Causeway islands, and the construction of the West Avenue bike path, we want to feel the inconvenience is worth it, the inevitable price you pay for progress.

And then you see the way Miami-Dade Public Works rebuilt the sidewalks in front of the Grand Venetian, 10 Venetian Way.

Brand new sidewalk. Terrific.

New light standards that match the character with the historic causeway. Excellent.

Light poles that block one-third of the sidewalk so a walker and someone pushing a stroller cannot pass each other.

As tennis bad boy John McEnroe would say, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

At last month’s Belle Isle Resident’s Association meeting, someone asked Miami Beach public works engineer Rick Saltrick about the design, and he said, basically: You gotta ask the county about that one.

Okay. We want to know, Miami-Dade Public Works. What could you possibly be thinking?


9 responses to “Who planned this? New Belle Isle lighting blocks sidewalks

  1. “Thinking” doesn’t enter into it.

  2. That’s everywhere in the County. Build a ten foot sidewalk and fill it with 9 feet of furniture.

  3. Debra Leibowitz

    Doesn’t the Americans with Disabilities act forbid this type of construction? While those walking or pushing a stroller have to veer into the bike lane (dangerous in and of itself), someone in wheelchair will be unable to navigate this at all. And when the ADA sues the City and/or County, whose tax dollars will be used to re-do it???

    • The ADA is the name of legislation. It can’t sue any more than the speed limit could sue. This poor planning is all over Miami Beach and since we live in a democracy it’s time we blame the mayor and commissioners.

  4. A wheelchair only requires a passage of 30″

  5. The ADA doesn’t sue the City. Sleazy lawyers do.

  6. Ideally the light posts should have been placed at the back edge of the sidewalk (south in this photo) or even better yet, in the grassy area. However, ADA only requires 36″

  7. This design flaw seems to be a consistent f*ck up that the City of Miami Beach continues to oversee. What happens to those who are confined to wheelchairs or have double wide strollers?
    Don’t get me started on all the ankle-breaking cracks in the sidewalks of South Beach…
    Thank you CMB for the great urban planning efforts and protecting the welfare of your over taxed residents. 🙂

  8. Rarely would that two way traffic coincide on the sidewalk. And if the two parties couldn’t work out a solution between them when a situation does arise, it simply supports what I contend America has become, a society of mental cripples that are easily offended over nothing. Look at the picture ? It would make your point if there were more than a single pedestrian on that sidewalk for several blocks at a time ? Throw a cyclist in the mix too ? I guess Sring Break crowds will have difficulty with it, then again that volume of pedestrian traffic and you’ll need to barricade the streets anyway as that sidewalk won’t accomodate a crowd even if the sidewalk lighting were done properly per the complaints ? Drowning in a glass of H2O much ?

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