Double Rainbow (!!) over Belle Isle

From 9 Island Avenue, looking west to Rivo Alto and mainland Miami. (Herb Frank)

I know, I know, this didn’t happen today or yesterday. But it seemed right to start this peaceful holiday with a lovely image from our island.

Thanks to neighbor Herb Frank for capturing and sharing.


4 responses to “Double Rainbow (!!) over Belle Isle

  1. Great photo from a Chicagoan that just moved down here. Your all very luck god bless and may everyone have a healthy spiritually fulfilling holidays season

  2. Rosemary Ravinal

    Is that a natural phenomenon or an optical illusion through the window pane?

  3. How Sad that Rosemary apparently lives where there are Not many Rainbows…I’m in S.C. and we are Fortunate enough to see “Doubles” likes this maybe once a year..sometimes twice…depends on how much Sun there is and Where it is…Had a speTacular one this past summer…almost brought tears to the eyes,with its Clear Beauty!!

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