Another DiLido Island burglary alarms Venetian Causeway residents

Venetian Island Homeowner Association leaders are alerting island residents of another burglary on DiLido Island, the fifth in the last two months.

This one happened Wednesday night. A homeowner returning from work discovered their home had been entered through a living room window. Electronics, jewelry and a bicycle was taken.

In November, the homeowner association complained of four burglaries on DiLido.

The homeowner said Miami Beach Police responded quickly on Wednesday. That doesn’t seem to be enough, said Eleanor Carney, wife of Venetian Islands Homeowner Association president Greg Carney,  in an email to island residents on Thursday.

“I am glad to hear that MBPD responded well, but I have to agree that evidently their current efforts are not sufficient,” she wrote. “We heard of another incident within the last few days on DiLido  involving an older couple where a team of crooks tried to con their way into their home. Thank goodness nothing happened there.

The homeower group is asking Miami Beach to provide “additional help in dealing with what appears to be an escalating situation on our islands despite the extra efforts the police are expending.”



3 responses to “Another DiLido Island burglary alarms Venetian Causeway residents

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