Venetian Causeway homeowner leaders warn of burglaries on DiLido Island

There have been four residential burglaries on DiLido Island in the last three weeks, the leaders of the Venetian Island Homeowner Association report, and they are asking island residents to be vigilant.

VHIA president Greg Carney first alerted residents Nov. 13 in an email that mail had been stolen from residents mailboxes on DiLido, and a police report had been filed.

Sunday, Carney’s wife alerted residents that there are now four reported burglaries.

“One appears to have involved a homeless person breaking into a property near the Causeway while the owner had stepped out for about an hour during the day.

“Another daylight incident involved several mopeds being stolen from a locked garage (a beat-up gray pickup truck was seen in the vicinity when this occurred).”

The association is asking Miami Beach Police to increase neighborhood patrols, something that had been discussed with police representatives at the last Venetian Causeway neighborhood meeting.



2 responses to “Venetian Causeway homeowner leaders warn of burglaries on DiLido Island

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  2. Hi There Belleisleblog,
    Thanks for the above, I’m moving to Miami for six weeks and will be at the Miami Childrens Hospital. Rent seems to be cheaper in South Beach for short term rentals. However, I wanted to know if the MacArthur Causeway is a toll road. I’m fairly certain the Venetian is, but wanted information from a local resident.

    Additionally, is the commute bad? I’ve used Google mapping to estimate, but traffic can really throw it off. Will there be any delays with the bridge? I’ll be going to the hospital around 5 in the morning, but don’t know what time I’ll be coming back (probably anywhere from 4-7). Any firsthand accounts would be appreciated.

    All the Best

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