Have an opinion on casinos? Some ways to express yourself

How would traffic be managed if mega-casinos are built? What will be the impact on the Venetian Causeway, South Beach, downtown Miami?

Is this a good deal with good jobs? Should the city of Miami Beach back the effort or fight it?

As the casino discussion continues, there are two nearby opportunities to learn more and speak your piece (thanks to Belle Isle Residents Association board member Herb Frank):

— On Dec. 9 at 4 p.m., the Miami Beach City Commission has scheduled a workshop to develop its position and in advance of the Florida Legislature’s 2012 session, which starts in January.

— On Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m., the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is hosting a forum on gaming at the Miami Beach Convention Center in hall D.


3 responses to “Have an opinion on casinos? Some ways to express yourself

  1. herb– thanx for taking on this task. i would suggest that we call gambling
    what it is, “gambling.” euphamisms such as “gaming” and “resort destinations” , rather than “casinos”, are the first step in sugar coating
    reality. mike

  2. Roberto Vizcaino

    Are real estate taxes going to be wave if gambling on this large scale is approved?
    What will the dade county residents get out of all this other than employment.

  3. would be the worst thing for Miami and Miami Beach. Traffic is horrendous as it is.

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