Causeway construction will miss year-end deadline; streetscape project needs rebid

If you drive the Venetian Causeway each day, you know the sewer and repaving project has crept forward, falling behind its time schedule.

Now, Venetian Island Homeowner Association President Greg Carney has provided this update:

“This project is not going to hit the original date of completion by the end of this calendar year.  The County is still saying that it will be shortly afterward, but the City thinks it more likely will be finished in the spring,” Carney said in a note to the homeowner group list serve.

The contractor has run into a series of unexpected situations underground, Carney said, but the news is still disappointing.

“Beside creating a continuing mess and issues for our residents, this impacts the beginning of the City’s street scape improvement projects on the islands,” Carney said.

As for the streetscape project, which involves new sidewalks, landscaping, lighting and paving around Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino islands, the news isn’t any better.

“The bids for this project came in over budget so the City is having the work rebid,” Carney said. “They currently expect to have new bids in quickly and be able to begin construction on our islands in the Spring about the time the County project finishes.”


2 responses to “Causeway construction will miss year-end deadline; streetscape project needs rebid

  1. The conditions the causeway are deplorable. I feel bad for the residents suffering through it but you haven’t made your voices loud enough.

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