Mark’s Cleaners sells Sunset Harbour property, shifting operations

Mark's Cleaners and the adjacent property, an unfinished condo, have been sold.

In another sign of the rapid change taking place in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood, Mark’s Cleaners  has sold its property and is telling customers they will be relocated by Jan. 1.

Mark’s, owned by Mark and Ellen Friedman, has been in the neighborhood since 1953 at Alton Road and 20th Street.  With their dry cleaning plant at that location, they can turn around clothing in a day (for a 10 percent surcharge).

The unfinished condo.

In a letter to customers, Mark Friedman says the dry cleaning site and an adjacent property (site of a started but never finished small condo) have been “acquired by a prominent international group” that plans to “proceed apace to build an upscale condo and retail complex.”

(Update: Frank Kruszewski Frank Kruszewski, a Sunset Harbour condo board member, notes on Facebook that “no applications have been submitted to the city for any project at the site. The Planning Board and the DRB will have to approve any project on the site.”)

Also sold, Riverside Gordon chapel.

This is directly across 20th Street from the Riverside Gordon Funeral home, 1920 Alton Rd., which was sold and closed earlier this year.

Friedman said that when the condo and retail complex is built, in about two years, “Mark’s intends to return with a retail store at this, our historic corner.”

In the meantime, Mark’s will shift to two retail locations — one at the site of North Beach Cleaners in the shopping center on Alton Road between 17th Street and Dade Boulevard that houses Macaluso’s, and at the Mansion Center on 51st Street one block east of Alton Road. There also will be pickup and delivery for regular customers.

Plant operations will shift to Rey’s Cleaners in Miami.


7 responses to “Mark’s Cleaners sells Sunset Harbour property, shifting operations

  1. I sure what gets built will be intrusive and inappropriate. Mark’s is a beautiful, mid-century building!!

  2. I really HOPE the “prominent international group” is NOT Genting!

  3. Lawrence Rosenhaus

    I was a regular customer in the 50’s. They were the greatest!

  4. The space on 51st Street seems very nice. Its a historic building from 1926 in the middle of a very quiet residential neighborhood. I will have no problem taking my dry cleaning there.

  5. Thank you for the good coverage. There is an omission, however, that we would like corrected. The retail location on 51st (called the Mansion Center) is located just east of Alton Rd. Thanks.
    Ellen Friedman

  6. Yes, I went there. It is easy to get to. Convenient to get there from Alton or Pinetree. Did you know that in 1926 the building was used by Carl Fisher? It was his center of operations. Brown’s Hair Salon from Lincoln Road also moved there under another name.

  7. In the 50’s, and early -to-mid 60’s, Mark’s was a more than a regular, early-evening stop, for my late-mother, a law professor at the U. of Miami School of Law. She first stopped at Jacques Bakery on Alton (North of Lincoln) put the bakery boxes on the passenger seat of her 1957 Thunderbird, and draped the finished dry cleaning over the bakery boxes. There was always (almost) a Boston Cream Pie- cold- for “Ozzie and Harriet,” (which she would not watch)!

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